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  • Choose the right baby scale for precision and quality

    One of the most crucial moments in the healthcare industry is when newborns have to be monitored and supervised to ensure they are coping well with their new environment. The care extends from vaccinations to frequent appointments with the doctor. It comes as no surprise then that monitoring a baby’s weight and other vitals for the first few years is an important process, that doctors must faithfully follow.

    The baby scales range at Able Scale is ideal for paediatricians, hospitals, neonatal units and child health centres, offering accuracy, quality and reliability at times when it’s most needed. Baby scales are essential when monitoring the health of premature babies, feeding issues and for instances where monitoring 1g weight changes are critical. Modern baby scales come with a range of functions beyond weight checks, and can be used to assess other vitals too.

    Baby ScaleThe Nuweigh Slimline Portable baby scale (LOG244) is a lightweight model, weighing only 2.5kg on its own. The portable scale comes with a large LCD display, carry case, auto power off, battery operation, weighing options of lbs or kgs, and a weighing capacity of 20kgx10g. The hold function for weight determination and a baby head rest ensure that you can weigh the baby accurately despite his movement on the scale. The scale also comes with a 12 month guarantee, making it an ideal product for busy environments.


    Baby Scale
    The Seca baby and toddler scale (SE354) features two scales in one. The product doubles up as a flat toddler scale too, allowing for more longevity. At the touch of a button, the tray can be detached quickly and easily from the base, providing a flat scale to weigh toddlers up to 20kg. Features include 20kg x 10g/20g capacity, kg/lb operation, tare and auto hold functions, and easy to read display. Additionally, the breast milk intake function shows the exact amount of milk the baby has consumed.


    Baby ScaleThe Seca Electronic baby scale (SE727) is especially suited for use in intensive care. It has an integrated damping system and hold function for quick and accurate weighing of moving babies. Features include 20kg x 2g/5g capacity, ergonomically shaped tray, bright LED display, battery or AC power, tare, hold and kg/lb switch over.



    Looking to invest in baby scales for your child health centre? Contact Able Scale today to discuss your business needs. Call us on 1300 731 360 to speak to a friendly, experienced representative.

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  • Buying the right checkweigher for your needs

    One of the key areas of the manufacturing process involves inspecting the quality of the products before they get distributed to retailers, making checkweighers an important part of the production process.

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  • Program your scale for CoOL (Country of Origin Labelling) by 30 June 2018

    If you have answered yes to these questions then you need to implement the labelling of your products with the Country of Origin Labelling by 30 June 2018.

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  • Choosing the right pallet scale for your business

    If you send out products on a pallet, or are weighing drums, and other large items then most likely you will need a pallet type scale to weigh it on.

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  • Choose the right platform scale for your business

    While most commercial businesses require the use of scales in varying capacities for their daily operations, the sheer diversity in scale types can be overwhelming and confusing for people who don’t hail from the industry.

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  • Quality Assurance (QA) testing: Everything you need to know

    Most of us in the scales and weighing industry will agree when we say that buying weighing equipment isn’t the end, but just the beginning. Weighing equipment needs to be cared for not only to ensure longevity, but to also maintain accuracy and overall efficiency.

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  • Using the Ishida Uni-5 Labelling Scale for a more efficient retail industry

    A busy retail butcher shop was looking for a competent system which could handle both retail POS and back room labelling, while also being fast enough to handle a busy store with multiple operators. The problem was solved by using an Ishida Uni-5 Labelling Scale with cash drawers, that was capable of producing prepack labels, labels for point of sale, and customer receipts with floating operators.


    The butcher specialized in selling meats for roasting and they had a large refrigerated display cabinet with all the roasts on display of various weights, shapes and sizes. These roasts were not pre packed and the butcher would get numerous requests each and every day with customers asking ‘how much is that one, or that one, or that one’. The butcher would then need to weigh the meat, advise the price and then the customer would say ‘oh no that’s too expensive, how much is the smaller one’, or ‘how much is that one’ etc. This process was both time consuming and frustrating for butcher and customer alike.


    By utilising the features of the Ishida Uni-5 labelling scale, the new process let the butchers and staff pre weigh, pack and label the roasts and then place them in the display cabinet with the price clearly showing for each piece of roast. Eye catching logos and graphics were printed on the labels to catch the customer’s attention. A secondary label was also attached to the roast with cooking instructions for the customer. The use of the optional secondary label was also able to produce savings on label costs. The bigger the label the higher the cost, so as this butcher did not require information such as ingredients or nutritional panels, it was more cost effective to produce two small labels, instead of one large label.


    The ability to use floating operators also meant that staff could weigh and add sales on one scale, move to another section of the shop, weigh more products for sale at a different scale and finalize the sale. By using the floating operator feature, customers were able to be served quicker, and the staff happier to use a more efficient process, with less operator errors.


    The Ishida Uni-5 series scale does labelling and price computing, supported by a modern touch screen technology. The large touch screen allows for easy, user friendly operations and programming. Labels or receipt paper can be loaded from the side, while the scale can also print barcodes and more. The scale doubles up as a marketing tool too by featuring space for a logo and a greyscale customer display for advertising specials and products. Other features of this scale include dual range weighing, wireless communication, 77 tactile keys on the keyboard and 4MB memory further enhancing its utility. The Uni-5 series is available in a bench model, pole display model and an elevated keyboard model.


    Able Scale specialises in a wide variety of industrial, medical and label printing scales, in addition to cash registers, software and food equipment. Contact us today to discuss your weighing scale equipment needs.


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  • Does your business need a wet area scale?

    Industries that operate in harsh environments or outdoors often have to put up with tough weather conditions, which have adverse effects on the overall output. The same applies to businesses in the food production industry, where dealing with damp or wet substances is commonplace.

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  • Meet your customers’ needs AND maximise workforce efficiency with the Ishida Uni-3 Electronic Scale Printer

    Whether you’re the manager of a large supermarket chain, a gourmet deli owner, or a fruit and vegetable vendor, one thing is certain: you’re very clued in to your customers’ needs.

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  • Are Your Thermal Labels Damaging Your Thermal Label Printer?

    Just like a Ferrari requires regular oil changes, even the most reliable printer needs regular maintenance. In addition to using proper labels, your printer also requires regular cleaning. Without it, residue and dirt can create a barrier between the print-head and your labels.

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