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How to choose a price computing scale


When operating a business in the retail industry, companies often have to sell products based on their weight, which is usually the case with fresh produce, meat, cheese and similar items. Markets and delis typically don’t pack fresh produce until they are purchased, which is when they get weighed to determine the total price. If you’re in a business that sells products by the kilo, a price computing scale would be an ideal addition, making the purchase process more smooth and efficient.


Commonly used in groceries, delis, butchers, chocolatiers, bakeries and poultry farms, price computing scales are also referred to as a retail scale. Most scale models can also be used both in dry and wet environments. Using a price computing scale ensures customers can purchase the exact quantity they require, instead of buying more than what they need. Such scales also help the retailer since they can rest assured that both parties are being treated fairly.


If you’re considering buying price computing scales for your business, there are some features to consider that will help you make a better purchase decision. These include:

  • Display position: Since the customer must be able to see the displayed weight at all times, you may need to choose between a bench top display or pole display. Opt for the display style that ensures greater visibility
  • PLU (price look up): Depending on the model, you can have 4-100 pre-set keys for frequently used products
  • Pre-set keys: This refers to the keys you can have pre-programmed for one touch prices
  • Power source: You can get battery operated scales that are portable, making them ideal for markets, or AC powered ones
  • Adaptability: Do you need to connect to peripheral devices such as cash registers or printers?
  • Platter size: The ideal platter size would depend on the size of the products you sell and bench space that you have access to


Able Scale specialises in a range of price computing scales that you can choose from, depending on your business requirements. We also provide scale services and repairs so your business doesn’t stop. The Nuweigh J-2102 Price Computing Scale offers dual range capacity and accuracy, with 14 preset PLUs, including 4 direct PLUs. Other features include a 15mm backlit LCD display, rechargeable battery and power adaptor operation, a stainless steel platter, and an NMI trade approval.

Picture 1

The Ishida INS-100 can be operated both with a rechargeable battery and AC power, making it a versatile, portable scale. It has a compact design too, which allows you to maximize work space. The scale offers a 15kg maximum weighing capacity, and a bench top and pole display option with a bright red LED display.

Picture 2

The Ohaus Aviator 7000 is an advanced price computing scale, which can be easily connected to an external POS device or electronic cash register for seamless integration. The scale is available in a compact or tower model, and covers a wide weighing range. A 100 PLU memory and 32 preset keys enable users to set tares and performing zeroing. This is a scale that guarantees robustness, operating speed and accuracy, in different retail environment.

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Interested in buying price computing scales for your business? Contact Able Scale today to discuss your needs. Call us on 1300 731 360 to speak to a friendly customer service representative.

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