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  • Your Guide to Compact Balances

    A compact balance is a small precision weighing scale, designed to be compact or small. They are an inexpensive and lightweight option for basic precision weighing tasks, and are ideal for use in areas where space is limited.

    Compact balances can range in accuracy from 0.001g and weigh up to 20kg. These balances often include battery operation.

    Among their benefits:

    • Portability
    • Ease of storage, some with stackable cases
    • Small footprint
    • High accuracy
    • Value for money
    • Easy to operate

    Not all compact balances are designed the same. They can range from the basics up to models which offer exceptional features such as:

    • Water resistance
    • Trade approved
    • Intrinsically safe
    • Comparator function
    • Multiple weighing units, such as g (gram), oz (ounce), ozt (troy ounce), ct (carat), GN (grain) and more
    • RS232 or USB connectivity
    • Battery or rechargeable battery operation
    • And more

    What are compact balances used for?

    Compact balances are very versatile. They can handle simple weighing tasks in offices and shipping facilities, as well as more demanding work in labs or field operations.

    There are models to suit most industries, including but not limited to:

    • Cosmetic and beauty products
    • Pharmaceutical and laboratories
    • Education
    • Jewellery
    • Fabric manufacturers
    • Food processors, packers and growers
    • Chemical, paint and industrial
    • Soil sampling

    These weighing devices are also useful for those who need to use the same scale in multiple locations, or for remote work areas where electricity may not be available. Compact balances are also convenient for trade shows, fairs and expos, as well as farmer’s markets.

    Many compact balances can be used for multiple applications. Before purchasing, determine which features are necessary and how much precision is needed.

    Whatever your business or industry, Able Scale has options to suit you. We carry a wide range of compact balances, including:


    Industrial Compact Balance - A&D EK-I Series

    A&D EK-I Series

    The A&D EK-I series is a range of high accuracy portable top pan balances. There are 10 models available, with 4 being trade approved. Features include RS232, WinCT software, large backlit LCD display, 9 weighing units and comparator function. There is also a security ring to prevent theft, and an optional underhook weighing for some of the models.

    Compact Balance - Ohaus Scout SKX Education

    Ohaus Scout SKX Education

    The Ohaus Scout Education balance is designed with the classroom in mind, with inbuilt software for educational applications. Features include 10 times overload protection, fast stabilisation time at 1 second, easy use 4 button operation, multiple weighing units and optional connectivity for communication needs.  It also has weighing, density and mole weighing modes, and comes in ABS housing and stainless steel platter.


    Besides compact balances, Able Scale also carries a range of other laboratory scales and more. For more information on our products, or if you need help choosing a scale, please contact us any time.

    Don’t forget that scales need to be tested or calibrated to ensure they are accurate. All our equipment are thoroughly checked and weight tested before they are sent out, so you will know that you are receiving a product that is accurate on arrival.

    Call us today at 1300 731 360 or email info@ablescale.com.au.


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  • Case Study of Tablet POS System for a Laneway Coffee Shop

    Melbourne laneways are well known for rich art culture, little boutiques, unique galleries, hidden bars and tiny cafes. This laneway culture is so famous that it is not only a favourite among locals, but it’s also considered a tourist attraction.

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  • Label creation software for weigh and print applications

    Do you need to weigh your products and have industry-specific information on your labels?

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  • 5 Benefits of Scale Hire

    As we approach the end of the year, the holiday shopping season goes into full gear and businesses are preparing for an increased demand.

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  • The Carton Labeller That Suits Most Budgets

    Carton labellers are typically expensive, large and lack flexibility, making it inconvenient for small- to mid-sized companies to acquire them.

    For this, the ScaleMate Touch makes a good entry level carton labelling system without the big price tag.


    The ScaleMate Touch is designed to offer a carton labelling solution to suit most budgets due to its modular and flexible design. It is ideal for wholesalers supplying boxes of fresh, processed or frozen product. It is also a great option for wholesalers and manufacturers who need an industrial barcode with inventory control for traceability. Some of the typical applications include item weight or price label, carton label, pallet label, fresh or pre-packed food label, and stock control and inventory aid.

    The labeller is able to include product specific information with barcode compliance, for example:

    • Use by date
    • Packed date
    • SKU
    • Product description
    • Weight
    • GS1 Compliant barcodes
    • Batch codes
    • Box quantity
    • Consecutive box numbering
    • Storage instructions

    This system can be connected to a variety of Windows-based printers, from desktop for low volume, up to industrial for high volume. With the smart scale interface developed by our IT team, the ScaleMate Touch does not restrict you to a certain brand or size of scale. This allows you to choose your weighing device, from a small micro-balance to a pallet scale.

    The ScaleMate Touch is also scalable to your needs. Whether you are a low volume or high volume user, or whether you need to print 100 or 1000 labels per day, this carton labeller is perfect for every task.

    You can enjoy the flexibility to design your own label formats using the power of Bartender label creation software. Besides giving you control over how your label looks, this flexible label formatting also means the ScaleMate is less expensive to maintain, because you can easily update it yourself instead of having to pay a technician to do the job.

    Other notable features include:

    • Touch screen PC
    • Easy-to-use touch screen operation
    • Modular design, making it easy to upgrade or replace items as required
    • Your choice of PC terminal – you can choose standard or water resistant
    • Remote support available for troubleshooting issues
    • Database redundancy with backup for no loss of data
    • Multiple I/O ports for communication
    • MMI approved for trade use

    If you are looking for a cost-effective and flexible solution to your carton and product labelling needs, the ScaleMate Touch may just be the right option for your business.

    At Able Scale, we also carry a wide range of scales and other products including food processing slicers. Contact us today at info@ablescale.com.au to find more out.

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  • Do you need an industrial label printer?

    Labelling products is an effective way to help you identify, organise and manage your inventory. It is also an effective way to provide important information to customers, as well as to meet compliance requirements.

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  • Streamlining with auto wrapping, weighing and labelling machines

    All businesses want to increase their profitability, and one of the best ways to do that is to ensure that their operation processes are efficient. Is your company’s weighing, labelling and wrapping process as efficient as you would like it to be?

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  • Personal Weighing Scales for Medical Use

    Weight monitoring has long been recognised as an integral part in health and fitness management.

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  • Weight Monitoring As A Means To Identifying Health Concerns

    While most of us typically associate weight monitoring with the desire to have a more appealing appearance, this is a process medical providers have to follow with most of their patients and clients, as a means to monitoring their overall health.

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  • Opt for accuracy with coin and note counting scales

    The desorption kit (Figure 1) consists of a quick-latching Camlock canister and water reservoir connected by small diameter tubing. A sample of material from which gas is evolving is placed in a sample holder which, in turn, is placed in the body of the canister. The camlock lid is locked in place and the accumulating gas increases pressure inside the water reservoir. Water is displaced and collects in a beaker for estimation of produced gas volume.

    Coin scales are easy to operate and fairly versatile, so getting your team acquainted with using it isn’t difficult at all. These scales can handle higher quantities of cash and accurately count them in a matter of seconds, significantly faster than humans. Your business can instead use the manpower in more crucial areas where machines can’t necessarily keep up with human intelligence. Most counting scales are also portable and easy to transport, making them an extremely convenient device.

    Able Scale sells an extensive range of counting scales with varying features, making them a suitable match for different needs and budgets, while also enabling counting with speed, accuracy and ease. All scales are also pre-set to weigh Australian currency, so you can put them to use almost instantly.


    Able Scale sells an extensive range of counting scales with varying features, making them a suitable match for different needs and budgets, while also enabling counting with speed, accuracy and ease. All scales are also pre-set to weigh Australian currency, so you can put them to use almost instantly.

    Picture 1

    The ACC30 coin counting sale is easy to use and pre-programmed with Australian coin denomination weights. This is a mid-range coin scale with a capacity for coins weighing up to 30kg. Other features of this scale include a rechargeable battery operation with AC adaptor, 3x17mm LCD display with a blue backlight and a memory function. The scale is ideal for bigger applications involving larger amounts of coins, such as launderettes and vending machines.

    Picture 2

    The Sigma NCS170 is a versatile scale that counts coins and notes in one compact unit. The scale counts loose, bagged and rolled coins, as well as loose, sleeved and banded notes. The scale can also be used to count coupons, vouchers and tokens. With a simple to use operation, the scale features a large display, optional rechargeable battery, 1.5kg capacity, and a 12 month manufacturer warranty. With a host of useful features, the scale is ideal for takeaway stores, franchises, banks, credit unions or any other business that regularly handles large amounts of currency.

    Picture 2

    Looking to invest in coin and note scales for your business? Contact Able Scale today to discuss your needs. Call us on 1300 731 360 to speak to a friendly customer service representative.

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