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Are Your Thermal Labels Damaging Your Thermal Label Printer?


An industrial printer is a long-term investment - so you need to protect it.

For businesses printing dozens, sometimes even thousands of labels each day, a damaged printer won’t just take the wind out of your sails, it can hurt your bottom line.

Unfortunately, print quality is often overlooked until it becomes a problem. For suppliers who need to abide by compliance labeling requirements, print quality problems can be very expensive. Compliance labeling infractions have cost suppliers millions of dollars in chargebacks and losses from refused shipments, plus untold damage to customer satisfaction and reputation.

Take good care of your label printer and you’ll be rewarded with reliable production and high quality labels for the long haul. Use inferior quality labels and you risk serious damage to your print-head resulting in costly repairs.

Bad labels - the telltale signs

It doesn’t pay to use low cost, poor quality printing labels if it means you have to use more heat or pressure to get a good print. You’ll ultimately create more wear and tear, leading to lower print contrast and barcodes that won’t scan. Print-heads designed to print up to ten million labels could easily burn out after only a million labels if stocked with inferior labels.

Look out for paper that is rough, poorly cut, loosely or unevenly wound, has excess glue on the backing paper, or even the wrong type of glue altogether. Lesser quality labels can deposit dust and debris that will scratch or abrade the protective coating over the print-head’s heating elements.

The Able Scale solution

Take the risk out of label purchasing by teaming up with Able Scale for all your printing needs.

We supply the best quality labels, papers and ribbons on the market for hassle-free printing, long print-head life, image durability and maximum barcode readability.

Our labels are manufactured free of BPA, BPS and phthalates, and are chain of custody certified. The manufacturing process also includes dust-free die cutting and edge trimming for smooth printing.

If you require a size which isn’t listed on our website, please contact us - we’d be more than happy to quote on your individual requirements.

Proper maintenance

Just like a Ferrari requires regular oil changes, even the most reliable printer needs regular maintenance.

In addition to using proper labels, your printer also requires regular cleaning. Without it, residue and dirt can create a barrier between the print-head and your labels.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions and clean your print-head regularly. A good rule of thumb is to clean the print-head every time you change labels. Use the cleaning supplies suggested by the manufacturer to avoid contamination or abrasion.

Need new printer labels? Get in touch with us today for superior quality thermal labels that protect your investment and improve longevity.

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