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  • Why You Should Schedule Regular Scale Maintenance

    Businesses that utilise any kind of scales know that these weighing equipment play an important part in their operation and processes. It is essential then that these scales are kept operating at optimum performance with regular servicing or preventative maintenance.

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  • What is a moisture analyser and what is it used for?

    A moisture analyser, also known as a moisture balance, is a scientific tool used to determine the moisture content in a sample, and is commonly found in laboratories.

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  • Do you need analytical balances?

    There are many types of laboratory balances, and each of them are made specifically for different applications. When it comes to semi-micro weighing, analytical balances are still the preferred choice.

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  • How to test your scales with test weights

    We highly recommend that you have your weighing equipment tested and calibrated at least once a year by a qualified service provider. However, it is also wise to do your own checks in between, to ensure that your equipment is efficient and continues to perform well.

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  • Case Study: Pallet Scale Repair for Holden

    Able Scale was recently contacted by one of our clients for scale repair service. Holden is an Australian motor vehicles and parts manufacturer, and this maintenance task was part of an annual QA testing service with additional breakdown service required.

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  • Labels and paper rolls now on our online store

    We are happy to announce that our online store is now stocked with a wide range of consumables including thermal scale labels and cash register paper rolls.

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  • Axle Weighing Case Study

    A waste management company recently contacted Able Scale, with a need for a reliable system to weigh their waste trucks.

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  • Your Guide to Compact Balances

    A compact balance is a small precision weighing scale, designed to be compact or small. They are an inexpensive and lightweight option for basic precision weighing tasks, and are ideal for use in areas where space is limited.

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  • Case Study of Tablet POS System for a Laneway Coffee Shop

    Melbourne laneways are well known for rich art culture, little boutiques, unique galleries, hidden bars and tiny cafes. This laneway culture is so famous that it is not only a favourite among locals, but it’s also considered a tourist attraction.

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  • Label creation software for weigh and print applications

    Do you need to weigh your products and have industry-specific information on your labels?

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