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Baby Scales on Able Scale


Weighing babies regularly is one of the most important ways to monitor their overall health, as their weight and growth measurements may often be one of the earliest indications of any hidden issues.

Able Scale offers a wide range of baby scales that are precise, reliable and accurate, ideal for hospitals, paediatricians, neonatal units as well as child health centres in Melbourne and Australia. Our baby scales come with all the features and functions needed to not only get accurate measurements, but also to keep the baby safe and comfortable.

Our selection of baby scales include:
Nuweigh Slimline Portable Baby Scale (LOG244)

Nuweigh Slimline Portable Baby Scale (LOG244)
At only 2.5kg, the Nuweigh LOG244 is a lightweight, portable baby scale ideal for home visits. Its streamline housing makes it easy to transport and store, and it comes with a quality carry case to protect the scale on the go.

It features a weighing capacity of 20kg x 10g, a large and bright LCD display, auto power off, battery operation, a baby head rest, and auto hold function to ensure accurate weighing despite the baby’s wriggly movement. The Nuweigh LOG244 baby scale also comes with a 12-month guarantee.

Seca Baby and Toddler Scale (SE354)

Seca Baby and Toddler Scale (SE354)
The Seca SE354 features two scales in one. At the touch of a button, the weighing tray can be detached and removed quickly and easily from the base, transforming the scale into a robust and flat one that can be used to weigh toddlers up to 20kg.

The base and the tray are securely connected, so it is safe and easy to lift and move the scale. Other features include a softly rounded weighing tray to keep babies comfortable and secure, breast-milk-intake function, auto hold function, and an easy to read display.

Seca Electronic Baby Scale (SE374)

Seca Electronic Baby Scale (SE374)
Designed for optimal weighing comfort and the highest precision, the Seca SE374 is ideal for pediatric departments in hospitals and clinics as well as maternity wards. The extra large shell-shaped tray with slightly raised sides provides optimum protection against the baby falling off. With a high capacity of 20kg, the SE374 can also be used for weighing small children.

This baby scale also features a large LCD display, tare function, auto hold function, kg/lbs switch over, and battery operation.

Seca Electronic Baby Scale (SE727)

Seca Electronic Baby Scale (SE727)
Due to its outstanding precision, the Seca SE727 is especially suited for use in neonatal intensive care. It features a 20kg x 2g/5g capacity, and comes with an ergonomically shaped tray with high rounded sides. Its integrated damping system and hold function allows for quick, precise weighing even with restless, moving babies.

Other features include a large, bright LED display, and an integrated RS232 interface for easy transmission of data to a PC.

To know more about our complete range of baby scales and to find one that suits your requirements, please contact Able Scale today. Call 1300 731 360. or email us for further assistance.

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