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Case Study: POS System for Butcher Shop


Our customer Madina Halal Meats was using two different scale-based weighing systems at their two shops. It was inconvenient and inefficient, as their staff had to go through a lot of training to know how to use both systems, and the data entry required for the two separate systems was very time consuming.

They reached out to us for a new system that could include centralised reporting, data entry, and product creation.

POS Weighing System for Butcher Shop

POS software and scale for Butcher shop - ablescale.com.au

POS software and scale for Butcher shop - ablescale.com.au

Customised POS System for Butcher Shop - ablescale.com.au

One major benefit of the modular POS system is that peripherals such as the scales, printers, scanners, and customer displays can all be selected based on individual criteria. Different budgets, footprint, orientation, styles, speed of print and various factors can all be taken into consideration.

Components are also interchangeable which allows for better levels of redundancy as items can be swapped out when needed for service or replacement. The POS software can also be either purchased outright or as a cloud based monthly fee.

POS scale system for butcher shop - ablescale.com.au

The benefits of the new system include:

  • Time savings – no duplication of systems
  • Easier training – only one system to use
  • Multi-site compatible
  • Instant price changes at stores from the back office software
  • In-house advertising using customer displays
  • Ability for scanning for gift cards or customer loyalty
  • Better traceability of transactions

The equipment we supplied for this new system include the FEC POS terminal, CAS PDII scale, Senor TP250III Printer, and InPOS free flow hub POS software.

For more information about our POS systems, or to find a customised solution for your business, please contact our team today.

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