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Case Study: Water Resistant Weighing Indicators


The Rinstrum X320 is an all round digital industrial indicator suitable for multiple applications.

With a rating of IP69K - the highest protection rating - the X320 is designed to work in heavy washdown applications. This means that the indicator is able to withstand cleaning with high pressure jets to 1450psi and with temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius.

Made of an impact resistant composite alloy and designed to withstand knocks, the X320 is ideal for rugged and harsh environments such as those in food processing, automotive, chemical, and pharmaceutical applications.

The X320 uses a capacitive keyboard, and the keypad senses the operator’s finger, whether with or without gloves, from the inside of the enclosure. The front panel is constructed as a single piece, with no moving parts and no keypad tails that could be damaged by vibration or corrosion.

The indicator has a highly visible 20mm LCD display with a LED backlight, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Other features include:

  • General purpose weighing functions
  • Programmable function key
  • Built-in check weigh function with 3 coloured high intensity status LEDs
  • AC/DC/NiMH battery power options
  • RS232 port
  • Optical data communications
  • Flexible mounting options

Industrial Scale Rinstrum IP69K Indicator (X320)

So what are these indicators used for?

Install 1

We were contacted by a client whose tractor had a weighing system for the measuring of animal feed. The weighing system on the tractor consisted of a weighing indicator and pressure transducer.

The client’s existing weighing indicator had become unusable due to water damage and rusting of components. As the tractor was used in all types of weather, a water resistant indicator was required.

Able Scale supplied the Rinstrum X320 indicator to the existing system. As the pressure transducer component was still working well, it was simply a matter of installing the new indicator and recalibrating the unit.

Install Industrial Scale Rinstrum IP69K Indicator (X320)

Install 2

A small goods manufacturer needed food grade quality weighing components that were suitable for their washdown requirements.

Due to the nature of their working environment as well as food quality and safety requirements, they required products that were made of stainless steel and that come with a protection rating of IP68 and above.

Able Scale provided a custom designed stainless steel platform scale, paired with the Rinstrum X320 (images below).

Stainless Steel Platform Scale

Industrial Scale Rinstrum IP69K Indicator (X320)

To find out more about the IP69K rated Rinstrum X320 indicator, or for custom weighing solutions for your business, please get in touch with our team directly.

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