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Exporters are you ready to comply with the SOLAS regulations for the verified weight of containers and the contents?


As of 1 July 2016 the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention requires the mandatory weight verification of containers by shippers. The requirement allows for two methods of weight verification:
Method 1: Weigh the loaded container, or
Method 2: Weigh all contents of the container and add it to the tare weight.
SOLAS requires the weight to be verified by using calibrated and certified equipment (such as weighbridges, pallet scales, and platform scales)
The AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) believes that equipment meeting the following requirements will meet the definition of ‘calibrated and certified equipment’ in the IMO guidelines.
Such weight verification is to be carried out using equipment meeting the requirements of:
- The Australian National Measurement Act 1999 and supporting guidelines and regulation, or
- An equivalent standard accepted by AMSA- initially a suitable standard for the weighing accuracy could be based on the NMI guidelines:
- NITP 6.1 to 6.4 National Instrument Test Procedures for Non-automatic Weighing Instruments
It is recommended that trade approved weighing instruments may be adopted for use to provide ‘verified’ weights.
As a NMI (National Measurement Institute) Licensee, Able Scale are able to provide you with verified weighing equipment to help you meet your requirements. We have an extensive range of trade approved pallet scales, bench and platform scales to choose from.
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