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Meet your customers’ needs AND maximise workforce efficiency with the Ishida Uni-3 Electronic Scale Printer


Whether you’re the manager of a large supermarket chain, a gourmet deli owner, or a fruit and vegetable vendor, one thing is certain: you’re very clued in to your customers’ needs.

Freshness is key. Nobody wants limp lettuce, stale bread, or milk that will be past its use-by date before it has been poured into a well-earned tea or coffee.

Friendliness is paramount. A smile, conversation, assistance with heavy shopping bags – these acts of kindness don’t cost you anything – but have the power to keep your customers satisfied and importantly, loyal.

Fast-service is where it’s at. Research has shown that women are more likely than men to do the household grocery shop. It has also shown that the percentage of women completing the grocery shop increases to a whopping 91% if the household has even one child. Of course, if you are a shop owner, you probably already knew that – just like you know how hard it is for women to get the shopping done with a screaming toddler (or two) in tow. It goes without saying that the best way to help stressed out shoppers is to provide fast, efficient service - both at the point of sale, and away from it.

To provide exceptional service however, you need to be equipped with exceptional tools. At Able Scale, we understand that in the retail industry every second matters, which is why your tools and products need to be just as carefully selected as the staff you employ. The Ishida Label Printing Scale, (Uni-3 Series) effortlessly rolls two products into one – a price computing scale and labeller. Its ingenious, user-friendly technology gives you the capacity to maximise the efficiency of your workforce and provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers.

The Uni-3 can be used for graphics printing on labels and receipts, barcode printing, and ingredient, nutritional, storage, and country of origin labeling. This means you can pre-pack batches of fresh goods before your store’s doors are even open for the day and display them ready-for-purchase at your customers’ convenience.

Of course, not every product can be pre-packed, which is why the Uni-3 features premium-class presets and fast print speeds, both of which will serve to decrease the wait-time for hungry shoppers in busy deli departments.

And for those times that customers haul across large numbers of loose fruit and veg to checkout? Never fear. The Uni-3 has a powerful receipt-printing feature designed to operate with barcode scanners and the cash draw. Point of sale never looked so efficient. Or easy!

The Uni-3 doesn’t just work for your customers, it works for you and your employees too. It comes with free easy-to-use scale management software, a USB memory stick to back-up and restore scale data, and a flash ROM for remote updating of application software. With a choice of two display types (bright blue or backlit LCD display) and three different models, you’ll be sure to find a Uni-3 to fulfill your specific needs.

We welcome questions, comments and enquiries, and would be happy to discuss your shop needs. Call us today on 1300 731 360 or fill out an online form to speak to a friendly, experienced representative.

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