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  • Cash Registers vs POS Systems

    While some businesses may use the terms ‘cash register’ and ‘point-of-sale system’ interchangeably, they are not the same.

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  • Case Study: Precision Balance for Food Application

    Weighing plays an extremely important part in the food production process, as ingredients need to be accurately measured to ensure consistency

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  • 5 Important Features to Look for in Cash Registers

    If your restaurant or business performs multiple transactions on a daily basis, you probably need a cash register to help streamline your business operations.

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  • How Often Should You Calibrate Your Scales?

    If you use a weighing scale for any part of your operation or business, you need to ensure that it is always accurate and performing as it should.

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  • Bench Scales for Food Processing

    A bench scale is a small scale designed to sit on a bench or table top, that is portable and easy to move around. Standard bench scales range in their weight capacity from 1kg up to 30kg.

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  • What is the best shipping scale or freight scale?

    If you have a business that requires you to ship out products, then you are likely to need a scale to weigh your parcels for freight purposes.

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  • Do you need a Dual Counting Scale?

    If you find yourself needing to weigh and count both small and large parts, a dual counting scale may be what you need. A dual counting scale consists of two components: a traditional counting scale and a separate platform scale connected via a cable.

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  • Intrinsically Safe Scales – What Are They?

    Fire is a potential hazard in many industries, especially in places where flammable gasses are being produced or handled. However, the risk is still there even in situations where it may not be as evident. For example, dust is known to be highly combustible in certain industrial environments.

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  • Why You Should Schedule Regular Scale Maintenance

    Businesses that utilise any kind of scales know that these weighing equipment play an important part in their operation and processes. It is essential then that these scales are kept operating at optimum performance with regular servicing or preventative maintenance.

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  • What is a moisture analyser and what is it used for?

    A moisture analyser, also known as a moisture balance, is a scientific tool used to determine the moisture content in a sample, and is commonly found in laboratories.

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