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Weigh Beams


Weigh beams, also known as weigh bars, consist of two separate weighing bars connected via cables to a weighing indicator. These are designed to be portable and are more flexible than your standard platform of pallet scale.

Weigh beams make weighing those awkward or oversized items easy, as you can move the weigh bars apart to suit your applications. Weigh beams can also be easily moved around your site instead of staying in a fixed position. Due to their compact design, weigh beams are a great option for work areas with limited space.

What are weigh beams used for?

Weigh beams are designed to be placed under platforms, crates, crushes, and other similar loads. As such, they are often used under cattle crushes for the weighing of livestock, under trolleys for weighing on-the-go, under crates and even hoppers or silos.

They are also ideal for weighing odd shaped items that do not fit on a standard 1200mm x 1200mm pallet scale.

Weigh beams are also suitable for trade approved situations, if they can be permanently fixed to a location and certified in that location.

Weigh beams for sale at Able Scale

We offer weigh beams that are durable, reliable and versatile. Features include:

  • Capacity up to 3000kg x 1kg
  • Quality painted steel or stainless steel construction up to 1200mm in length
  • Custom sizes available to order

Nuweigh Weigh Beams (MIL589) - ablescale.com.au

Nuweigh Weigh Beams (MIL589)

These weigh beams are robust in construction, ideal for weighing materials of various sizes. They are also portable and easily transportable.

Features include sealed heavy duty load cells, steel construction, and 4m of cable to the weighing indicator. These weigh beams are available in two lengths, either 600mm or 1000mm, and available capacities range from 300kg x 0.1kg to 3000kg x 1kg.

The Nuweigh Weigh Beams can be approved for trade use when fitted with a load receptor and in a fixed location, and they are also available in a stainless steel 1000mm version.

A&D Stainless Steel Weigh Beams (ADM Weigh Beams) - ablescale.com.au

A&D Stainless Steel Weigh Beams (ADM Weigh Beams)

Designed to be robust for long life, these A&D weigh beams are made from quality 304 stainless steel, with beams formed from 5mm thickness material for greater strength.

Features include stainless steel load cells and load feet, 13kg overall weight for portability, and a carry handle for easy handling. The waterproof cable connections make these weigh beams suitable for hostile wet area locations, and they can connect to all A&D digital indicators.

The A&D weigh beams have a capacity of 2000kg, and a length of 1200mm x 100m. Combinations are available to suit all environments.

To find out more about these weigh beams, please contact the Able Scale team directly and we will be able to assist you further.

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