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Wheel Weighers for Vehicles


Wheel weighing pads are portable vehicle scales that are designed to weigh wheels and axles. These are essential to ensure that the vehicle meets legal compliance requirements, to reduce overload stress, as well as to maximise legal payloads.

The wheel weighers we supply are ideal for use of checking loads in house instead of public weighbridges, or for when customised vehicles need to be adapted and GVM monitored.

These scales are used in various industries, including:

  • Vehicle modifiers who make custom vehicles, such as waste trucks, ambulances, buses and coaches
  • Vegetation management
  • Automotive engineers
  • Car racing


CAS Wheel Weighing Scale (RW-S/L)

The RW-S/L axle weighing pads come with an inbuilt indicator, and are designed for mobile weight inspection. It features a heavy duty cast aluminium construction, with single and double width available. Capacities available are 5,000kg x 2kg, and 10,000kg x 5kg.

This wheel weighing scale can be used for cars, trucks, and custom applications. Scales are linkable for multi-axle weighing, up to 6 scales. Other features include a 1-inch LCD illuminated backlight display, ability to display individual or total weight, and advanced digital filtering to compensate for vibration.


CAS Axle Weighing Pad (RW P)


The RW-P axle weighing pad is a static axle weighing system that is specifically designed for portability. It is lightweight and low profile, but built to take up to 15,000kg and large enough for any type of vehicle. These weighers can accommodate any type of axle arrangement with the use of ‘dummy plates’ – solid rubber spacers of different sizes that can be placed between the pads.

It is IP65 (IEC 144) waterproof, and comes with advanced digital filtering to minimise vibration. Other features include easy checkweighing methods to test for axle balance and overload conditions, and ability to display By-Wheel Weight, Axle Weight or Total Weight.

For more information about our wheel weighers for vehicles, please contact Able Scale today.

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