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Analytical Balance - Ohaus Explorer EX Analytical


Availability: In stock

A high performance 0.1mg balance with easy to use features.

The Explorer EX series analytical balances are designed with all the features you need in one balance.

Features include:

  • large 5.7" colour touchscreen,
  • easy to use icon based software,
  • multiple application modes,
  • RS232 port,
  • auto calibration,
  • 16 standard weighing units,
  • glass draftshield with top and side doors,
  • optional automatically controlled doors,
  • 5 year warranty

Models available:

  • EX124      (120g x 0.1mg)
  • EX224      (220g x 0.1mg)
  • EX324      (320g x 0.1mg)
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