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Analytical Balance - Ohaus Explorer Semi Micro


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A balance for when extreme accuracy is required to 0.01mg

The Ohaus Explorer Semi Micro balances are designed for professional weighing applications and when extreme accuracy is required.

The analytical balances are designed to be sophisticated and offer the best in balance technology.

Features include:

  • full colour VGA graphic display,
  • 4 wire resistive touchscreen,
  • QWERTY keyboard and numeric keypad for quick input of data,
  • automatic internal calibration,
  • USB and RS232 communication ports,
  • easy data transfer function,
  • anti static glass draft shield with flip top door or optional automatic door models,
  • strong metal base construction with ABS top housing and stainless steel weighing pan.

 Models available:

  • EX125D dual range 51g x 0.01mg, then 0.1mg up to 120g
  • EX125 120g x 0.01mg
  • EX225D 120g/220g x 0.01mg/0.1mg
  • EX225D/AD (automatic door) 120g/220g x 0.01mg/0.1mg
  • EX225/AD (automatic door) 220g x 0.01mg
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