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Moisture Analyzers - Ohaus MB23 - MB25


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Designed to quickly, effectively and affordably measure moisture content.

The Ohaus MB23 and MB25 moisture analysers are ideal for use in a variety of applications, including food, wastewater, soil, ceramics and textiles.

With the option of either halogen or infrared heating you will find one to suit your application.

Features include:

  • quick drying times compared to a traditional oven,
  • easy one button simple operation,
  • compact size to fit in at your workplace,
  • easy to clean design,
  • choice of halogen or infrared heating,
  • backlit LCD display,
  • auto shut off,
  • displays of % moisture, % solid or weight, temperature and time.

Models available are:

  • MB23 (110g x 0.01g/0.1%) infrared heat source, or
  • MB25 (110g x 0.005g/0.05%) halogen heating element
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