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Premium Moisture Analyser - A&D M Series


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A range of moisture analysers for measuring moisture content.

The A&D Moisture Analyzers are a premium product designed for high accuracy and repeatability.

Features include:

  • large VFD display,
  • standard RS232C interface,
  • data memory function,
  • fast and uniform halogen lamp heating,
  • five measurement modes,
  • selectable heating modes,
  • up to 20 memory programs for storing regularly used measurement conditions, 
  • super hybrid sensor, easy cleaning  and full digital calibration.
  • Available with WinCT Moisture software on MS & MX model or as an option with the ML or MF model.
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty.

Models available within the 'M' series range:

  •  ML50 (50g x 0.005g/0.1%),
  • MF50 (50g x 0.002g/0.05%),
  • MX50 (50g x 0.001g/0.01%),
  • MS70 (70g x 0.0001g/0.001%).


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