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Nuweigh Weigh Beams (MIL589 Series)


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A set of weigh beams, ideal for weighing materials of various sizes, and for portability.
The MIL589 weigh beams are robust in construction, yet portable and easily transportable. Features include sealed heavy duty load cells, steel construction, 4m of cable to the weighing indicator, available with JAC101 battery operated indicator. Capacities available are 300kg x 0.1kg, 600kg x 0.2kg, 1500kg x 0.5kg and 3000kg x 1kg. Weigh beams are available in two lengths, either 600mm or 1000mm. The weigh beams can be approved for trade use when fitted with a load receptor and in a fixed location. Also available in a stainless steel 1000mm version.
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