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Norwood Manual Cash Drawer (1xx series)


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A range of manual cash drawers, for use where a non electrical and non computer related cash drawer is required
There are four models available in the manual cash drawer range. Model 121 - 3 note/4 coin compartments, size 330mm W x 420mm L x 90mm H. Model 122 - 5 note/5 coin compartments, size 480mm W x 385mm L x 100mm H. Features on both model 121 & 122 include all steel construction, black enamel finish, drawer bell, security drawer lock and removable money tray. Model 109 is spring loaded, released via a plastic button, 2 media slots, 4 note/8 coin compartments, size 410mm W x 465mm L x 104mm H. Model 127L features 8 note/8 coin compartments, large media slot, size 410mm W x 450L x 129mm H.
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