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Case Study: Pallet Scale Repair for Holden


Able Scale was recently contacted by one of our clients for scale repair service. Holden is an Australian motor vehicles and parts manufacturer, and this maintenance task was part of an annual QA testing service with additional breakdown service required.


The requirement:

Our team was told that a pallet scale had a damaged cable from the platform to the indicator. Upon visit to the site, however, we found not only was the cable damaged and needed to be replaced, but the cable connectors were not standard to suit the display indicator.


The solution:

Following an assessment, our team decided that the scale needed to be rewired to suit the correct connector, to avoid future problems.

As the cabling is hard wired from the weighing platform, it was not simply a matter of sending out a new cable. The cable had to be cut out, replaced, rewired to the platform scale and reconnected to the weighing indicator.

Once the repair was completed, the scale was able to be tested for accuracy and its weighing performance to ensure it was within calibration tolerances.

Able Scale aims to deliver a cost effect service with a quick turnaround time on all repairs. All parts and labour on repairs are backed by our in-house warranty policy.

For more information or to enquire about our scale repair service, please contact us at 1300 731 360 or email [email protected].

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