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POS Systems

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Able Scale supplies a range of touch screens, point of sale systems, scanners, and printers to suit retail stores, grocery, restaurants, supermarkets, and meat/poultry stores. Whether you require specific industry systems such as retail POS or specific touch screen POS technology, Able Scales can deliver a total solution.

We supply a variety of POS systems to ensure your business can easily and efficiently monitor daily sales activity. From cash drawers and scanners to UPS and touch screen POS, we have a POS system that will meet your business needs.

POS Hardware and Accessories

Cash registers

Whether you require heavy-duty solutions or compact options for smaller operations, Able has the most secure options available from industry-leaders Sam4S. All cash registers models are constructed from heavy-duty materials and are available in varying sizes and colours to suit your requirements.

Hand held POS

Our handheld, 10 inch POS tablet is the perfect solution for busy restaurants, cafes or anywhere else where wait staff need to take orders. These orders can be taken on the spot which allows for quicker ordering and service. It is also ideal for pop up stores and markets so you can take orders and payments in any location with a WiFi signal.


We stock a range of portable and ergonomic handheld scanning solutions engineered for effective and efficient linear barcode scanning. You will be able to scan barcodes from distances as far as 25cm, get near-instant readings and the handles have been designed to be comfortable and ergonomic for long periods of scanning.

POS Printer

We stock a variety of compact printing solutions for POS from leading brands including Samsung, Epson, Bixolon and Citizen. These printers have a range of purposes including printing receipts, orders for busy kitchens, reporting and more. There are dedicated solutions for delis, butchers and kitchens and options to suit all requirements and budgets. Our range also includes wireless Bluetooth solutions.

Bluetooth Printer

Any business can benefit from mobile wireless printers. Using a wireless connection, you can print anywhere in the office, at your hospitality venue or outdoors. Our range is highly compact and will connect with virtually any POS through universal Bluetooth for receipt printing, ordering and more.

Power Supply

Power outages can happen at any time and losing your POS would be highly detrimental to business operations. Our PSS uninterruptible power supply solutions will protect your POS terminals and computer terminals during power outages or surges and provide six minutes of run time to allow you to complete transactions while the power has been cut.

POS Terminal box

When you are running a high volume business you need a POS terminal that is going to stand up to the task. Our high-performance POS terminal box solutions have been designed and engineered to be suitable for busy supermarkets to industrial operations. Our solutions feature a built-in uninterruptible power supply, plenty of processing power, additional COM points and are perfectly suited for mounting monitors.

POS Software

Having the right software for your POS terminals is integral and we provide industry-leading solutions that have been proven across a range of service industries around the world.

Hospitality and retail POS solutions have been developed and perfected by inPOS over three decades and we can provide PC-installed solutions from inPOS including:

  • Remote monitor:View information about orders, order times and special requests remotely.
  • Self-service kiosk:Customers can assist in placing their own orders, ensuring a smooth flow at traditional POS points
  • At-table ordering:Flexible, fast and accurate when compared with paper ordering systems.
  • Labelling:Directly print labels, barcodes and more directly from your POS
  • Terminal software: POS terminal software that is flexible, quick, and easy to use.
  • Stock manager software:Update POS from a single location by using back-office sales reporting and inventory controls.

We can also assist with a range of web-based software that will provide you with the flexibility and convenience of running your business from any internet-connected device. This cloud-based POS software includes a range of features to improve service times and efficiencies including the ability to allow customers to skip the queue, order at their table or before they even arrive at your business and for your delivery service.

Brands we cover

Brand Name Description
Bixolon South Korean POS and printer giants Bixolon are an industry leader in the global market for specialty printers They provide a wide range of solutions for retail, hospitality, banking, healthcare and supply chain/logistics companies including compact printers and software
Cino Cino is a global leader in scanning, mobility, and automation equipment. Cino specialises in image processing, intelligent vision analysis, optics design, machine learning and AI along with system integration.
Citizen Retail environments can benefit from the compact, convenient printers made by Japanese electronics giant Citizen. Their range is designed to be small, fast and versatile, including the ability to connect directly with iOS devices like iPads.
Denso When you are looking for barcode scanners and data capture devices, Denso delivers leading innovation. Compact, comfortable and ergonomic, these devices will make stocktake a breeze and are versatile so they will connect with your existing POS terminals.
Epson To provide fast and reliable docket printing, this global leader in printing solutions produces a range specifically designed for retail and hospitality POS terminals. A global leader in POS printers, Epson offers a range of features including iPad POS and cloud printing.
FEC Specialises in POS systems and has an in-house R&D team and factories to custom design systems that are of superior quality and highly reliable. For more than 23 years, FEC has been designing, developing, manufacturing and supporting point-of-sale systems, tablets, and kiosks to improve customer engagement.
Honeywell Provides retail solutions for every aspect of retail from the distribution centre to the shop registers including scanners, handheld computers and a range of software management solutions.
Posiflex The advantages of POSIFLEX's POS systems are their open architectures and cross-platform compatibility. Products include self-serve kiosks, integrated POS systems, programmable keyboards, LCD displays, touch and customer displays, barcode scanners and readers, money boxes, barcode card readers, fingerprint readers, POS printers, and other peripherals and accessories.
PSS Provides small and medium businesses with some of the best power systems in the market, which are both affordable and easy-to-use with customisable features that are designed for retail, hospitality and appointment-based businesses.
Sam4S A full range of products for retail, hospitality, ticketing and supply chain logistics and transportation including POS terminals, EFT-POS terminals, receipt printers, handheld computers and electronic cash registers.
Samsung Industry-leading display solutions for business including LED signage, smart signage, commercial televisions and monitors.
Zebra Pioneers of innovation in POS systems with technologies including interactive customer kiosks, mobile computers and tablets, personal shopping devices and traditional POS equipment like barcode scanners and POS printers.

POS for Butchers and Deli

There are unique challenges that face butchers and deli businesses when it comes to serving customers.

You have to balance the speed of serving customers with the precision and accuracy of pricing, labelling and serving the right quantities of meat - which requires specialised POS terminals and equipment. Our range of dedicated POS systems are perfect for deli, butcher, seafood and fruit and vegetable businesses of all sizes and include features to ensure rapid and accurate service.

These systems also enable you to quickly label products, track inventory to ensure that you do not run out of stock (especially with your most popular items which can lead to customer disappointment) and include integrated payment systems.

Able Scale's range includes printers for receipts and labelling (including wireless Bluetooth options) and high performance, thermal and water-resistant POS terminals that are designed for fast-paced work environments. We can also assist with all of the software integration you require customised to your requirements.

POS for retailers and small businesses in hospitality

Take your service ability to a new level with modern POS innovations. With Able Scale's range of hardware and software, you can connect and manage your entire business from tablets and handheld computers.

This allows you to take orders at the table and send it immediately to the kitchen, accept orders in advance and enable solutions like click and collect and delivery solutions.

Able Scale can assist with holistic POS solutions that are all integrated and connected, including barcode scanners, printers, label makers and everything you need to manage and package stock, enhance customer service and develop greater efficiencies.

We can help with software solutions from industry-leader inPOS to connect all of your POS terminals and accessories and also enable you to manage your business from the palm of your hand.

FAQ - POS System

Question Answer
What is a POS system? Point of sale (POS) systems are your complete, integrated payment solutions for retail, hospitality and other small and large business operations. Modern POS systems include software that enables you to better serve customers more efficiently, manage stock and incorporate features like managing your business and taking orders on a mobile device like a tablet or handheld computer.
How does a POS system work? A central POS terminal is the hub of your service system and it is connected to a monitor, printer for receipts and other accessories like tablets, handheld computers, barcode scanners and more. These are all connected to enable simple ordering, stock management and sales across a range of industries.
What are the different types of POS systems? Depending on the size and scale of your business, there are different POS solutions available. You can operate off a simple app on a mobile device (ideal for sole traders), use mobile POS systems for taking orders or completing sales on the floor, cloud-based systems to access business data from any location, open-source POS systems for full customisation, multi-channel POS for businesses that sell online and in brick and mortar locations and self serve kiosk POS systems.
What does a POS system do? The fundamental purpose of a POS system is to keep track of sales, accept payments and produce receipts for customers. POS systems are widely used across the retail and hospitality sectors and a range of other businesses, with different setups depending on whether the business is online, a physical store or a combination of both. Modern systems include internet connectivity, access to cloud-based data and a range of features that enable you to take orders and complete transactions at a register, online or on the floor.
What is the difference between a POS System and a payment processor? Your POS is used to complete transactions and manage your stock. A payment processor is a component that handles the payment itself, for example connecting your business to your customer's bank and communicating the transaction so the sale can be completed and the funds can be deducted from the customer account.

POS Systems: One Touch at a Time

When it comes to choosing the right POS systems, there are several things to think about. First, you'll want to consider the needs of your business and think about the features that each system has to offer. If you're not sure what system will work the best for your store, don't hesitate to contact Able Scale and let us help you find the right one!

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