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Seca Electronic Baby Scale

Seca Electronic Baby Scale

A precise baby scale with integrated RS232 interface.

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You can hire our scales from a day, week, month or on a permentant basis.

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Analytical Balances

Analytical Balances

High precision laboratory scales to measure in mass in the sub-milligram range

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Label Printing Scales

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Digital Weighing Scales Melbourne

When you buy from Able Scale, you are not only buying a quality product but also our expertise, industry knowledge and support.

Our aim is to get our clients to purchase the right equipment or service the first time, every time.
Paul, Managing Director
Able Scale
How do we do this?

We listen to our clients, find out about your business and your processes, so that we can offer the right equipment for the job.

We use our expertise of trained staff who have extensive knowledge of the industry to understand what type of equipment will best suit your needs.
Our aim is to see our clients coming back to us regularly as a result of the quality of our product, our experience and backup service. We are not interested in simply pushing boxes of products to boost our bottom line.

Different Types Of Weighing Scales

Did you know that when it comes to using scales for commercial purposes, you have more options at your disposal than you may expect? At Able Scale, we are proud to offer business owners and operators a wide range of products that can help you handle your unique needs more effectively and efficiently.

Depending on your particular business or industry, having the ability to weigh products or price items based on their mass can help ensure that you are charging the right price and moving the right amount of products.

However, not all scales are built and designed to function in the same way. By understanding the various styles of weighing scales available at Able Scale - and the ways that they are designed to operate - you can make better informed decisions when shopping for your next scale.


Medical scales — sometimes referred to as fitness scales or medical balance scales — have long been acknowledged as a pivotal aspect of health and fitness management. Scales for the fitness industry are designed to provide accurate measurements of an individual's weight, which plays a crucial role in monitoring and managing weight-related aspects.

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A POS system (short for Point of Sale system) is the term used to describe the software or hardware used to facilitate the point of purchase in any business transaction, though most commonly in retail and hospitality. POS systems help streamline the payment process for both the buyer and the seller, and they have become ubiquitous over the past several years, owing to their convenience.

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Industrial scales are integral tools in the productivity and precision of any industrial warehouse environment. Specifically crafted to provide accurate weight measurements of palletized goods, pallet scales play a crucial role in optimising inventory management, shipping logistics, and ensuring compliance with safety standards. The significance of precise weight measurements cannot be overstated in industries where even minor discrepancies can affect inventory control, which in turn can increase shipping costs and compromise overall operational integrity. In short, pallet scales offer a seamless and dependable approach to goods handling in any warehouse.

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We are proud to work with a wide range of clients both locally & nationally. We have a long standing relationship with most of our clients.