Remote Support

Technical Support Assistance

We can provide trouble shooting and solve technical issues via remote support for your PC based software.

If you have been referred to this page, please click the button below.

Enter the supplied access code as provided by our technician.

Our technician will guide you through the install process and temporarily log in to your computer to assist with your software issue. (Note: you will need administrator rights to your computer to install the remote client software.)

Assistance is available for your PC based scale, POS and labelling software.


  • Allows our technician to log in to your computer without attending site.
  • Faster response time compared to an onsite call.
  • Ideal for assisting long distance clients saving you money.
  • Assist with training and after sales support.
  • Support is provided on a price per call basis, or please enquire about our fully inclusive remote support package.
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