Have any questions? Check out are extensive list of frequently asked questions about our products & services. We have tried our best to answer a wide range of questions that you may have. But if you have an specific questions & want to speak to us, feel free to contact us.

1. How often should I have my scales serviced?

We would recommend that all scales should be tested at least annually; be it industrial scales, balance scales, medical scales or weighing scales. If your scale is critical for your product accuracy, then more frequent testing would be advised.

2. What is a trade approved scale?

A trade approved scale has been tested by the National Institute of Australia and found to comply with the regulations for trade transactions. A trade approved scale then needs to be certified by a licensed certifier for it to be used for trade.

3. Do I need a trade approved scale?

If you are selling/packing a product by weight and attaching a price to that product, then you need a trade approved scale. Your local trade measurement authority can supply you with further information.

4. What is your warranty policy?

All our products are backed by a manufacturers return to base warranty. Simply return the product to us and we will take care of the return/repair process. Warranty varies from 12 months to 5 years depending on the product.

5. What is a waterproof scale?

Waterproofing is based on the IP rating. The IP rating is based on the protection a product has against dust, liquids and impacts. Generally speaking the higher the IP number the better protection the scale has against dust and water ingress.

6. Can the scale print ingredient and nutritional labels?

Yes, depending on model, we have a range of weigh labelling scales which can print information for food labelling requirements.

7. What is the difference between a cash register and a POS system?

A POS system is generally PC based while a cash register has its own embedded operating system. Cash registers are made to cater for a variety of applications, while POS systems can be specialised to suit a particular application.

8. What kind of industrial scales do you sell?

We sell a number of industrial scales that are also available for hire. This includes bench scales, counting scales, coin scales, crane and hanging scales, mechanical scales and much more. For the full list of industrial scales, click here or contact us for further information.

9. Do you sell or hire medical scales?

Yes. We have a wide range of medical scales available, for personal and medical use. These scales can be used at home, gyms, health centres, hospitals, and nursing homes. Our medical scale range includes a number of efficient scales such as baby scales, chair scales, personal weighers, measuring equipment and more.

10. What type of cash registers can I hire?

At Able Scales, you can hire many cash registers, for short or long-term use. We can install fully linked in systems or provide stand-alone portable registers. Our selection of cash registers ranges from the basic to integrated systems. Talk to one of our friendly consultants today and find out which register is best for your business.

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