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Choosing the Right POS for Deli Businesses

As a deli owner and operator, ensuring that your customers enjoy the highest levels of satisfaction is vital. From the accuracy and enjoyment of their deli order to the speed by which their orders are completed, every aspect of a customer’s experience will dictate their continued support and patronage. As an owner or manager, ensuring fantastic customer service begins by equipping your deli with a high-quality and functional Point-Of-Sale (POS) system.

A POS System allows for the fast and accurate entry of order information for a variety of business-related needs. For a deli, a POS System will ensure that the necessary data for preparing deli orders are transferred and that customers are processed efficiently. With the right POS System installed in your deli, you can increase the speed and efficiency of your entire operation - leading to an increase in both customer satisfaction and earning potential.

Able Scale’s POS Solutions

At Able Scale, we are proud to offer a full suite of POS Systems designed to bring the latest sales technology to restaurants and stores. Every POS System offers software that seamlessly transfers data between locations in your deli, providing staff members with the needed information for completing orders faster and more accurately. Just as importantly, the hardware of our POS Systems ensures that they can stand up to the daily use of normal business operations - providing a fast response each and every time they are accessed. With both portable, touchscreen options and stand-alone screens, you can utilise Able Scale POS Systems throughout your deli in a way that suits your unique needs. With WiFi connectivity and plenty of storage space, you can trust that orders and cashier data is counted, stored, and sent effectively.

Save Time and Money with a POS System

According to statistics from Entrepreneur.com, the average delicatessen startup costs will range from $10,000 to upwards of $50,000 dollars. As you set out on your entrepreneurial journey, the last thing you want to worry about is your sales system not functioning. 

With a reliable POS System installed, you can operate with confidence, knowing that your investment will pay dividends in both time and money saved. As you increase your service speed, you can enjoy the benefits of customer satisfaction and increased business. Ensure that you have equipment that can serve your customers and last with Able Scale’s range of POS Systems.

How to Choose a POS System for Your Deli Business

When setting out to select and purchase a POS System for your delicatessen, it is important to understand the systems available, and which choice is best suited for your particular deli needs. By choosing the best POS option, you can maximise your revenue benefits while keeping your system affordable.

To help you choose the best POS System for your deli business, here is a step-by-step buying guide to clarify the process:

Step 1: What Does Your Business Need?

Before deciding on a POS System, it is important to understand your purpose for purchasing the system. Are you new to the deli business, and looking for a brand-new POS System? Is your business suffering from a low-functioning system, and needing an upgrade? Knowing what level of POS solution you are looking for will help you save time and money choosing the option that is best for you.

Step 2: Decide On Your Budget and Price

Once you know which direction you are headed, it is beneficial to know your budget restraints. With a variety of options and functionality, POS Systems can vary in their capabilities - and pricing. Take a look at your budget and price-point for your POS System investment to better understand the financial options available. Having this information in hand will help you immensely as you begin having conversations with POS System suppliers.

Step 3: Do Your Research and Decide on Features

Have a budget and price-point in mind? Now it's time to consider your available options for POS Systems. Before you search for a supplier or retailer, come prepared for your conversation with the features you want to be included in your system:

  • High-Speed Data Capabilities
  • Responsive Equipment and Portable Options
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales-Tracking Software
  • Simple and Complex Task Automation
  • Customer Reward Programs
  • POS Advertising Ability

Modern POS Systems can offer far more than simple order confirmations. When you do your research and select the best option for your deli, you can enjoy the benefits of increased productivity and a boost to your sales!

With your list of must-have features in hand, you can begin to search for the POS System that meets your deli’s POS needs. Contact and question various retailers to ensure that their products meet your needs.

Step 4: Utilise Your Customer Support

Once you have decided on the best POS System for your deli, it’s time to pull the trigger and get started! However, before any ink is set to a contract, make sure that you are satisfied with the level of customer service that your POS System retailer offers. Consider asking the following:

  • Should you need help with the installation and set-up of your new system, does the company offer technical support?
  • If you encounter any hardware or software issues down the road, is there a system by which the company will help you solve problems?
  • Are there any guarantees or warranties for the products you are purchasing?

By following up on customer support, you can ensure that any hiccups or roadblocks you come across will be quickly handled. This will prevent any lapse in service or business functioning due to an outage.

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