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Able Scales stocks a complete range of thermal scale labels and cash register paper rolls to suit most models.

We only use quality paper and labels which will not damage the print head on your equipment.  Don’t settle for inferior quality which may be causing damage to your scale or register.

Our standard scale labels are suitable for Ishida, Tec, Bizerba, Avery, CAS, Acom & Digi label printing scales.

Scale labels can also be customised with colour logos and business details for your own brand recognition.  If you require a size which is not listed please contact us, as we would welcome the opportunity to quote on your individual requirements.

Thermal Scale Labels

TypeCodeSizeLabels per box
Blank Thermal Labels   
Ishida KABE-103 64 x 83mm 6,750
Digi KABE113 39 x 62mm 15,750
Ishida KABE129 60 x 80mm 12,000
Bizerba KABE203 58 x 59mm 14,400
Ishida KABE501 64 x 110mm 9,600
Ishida LLIN114 64 x 58mm 15,000
Ishida LLIN115 60 x 55mm 15,000
Bakery LBAK101 58 x 71mm 16,000
Utility LAVE107 49 x 76mm 10,000
Utility LLIN201 49 x 99.6mm 8,000
Ishida Butchery LLIN202 60 x 99.6mm 8,400
Ishida Bakery LLIN203 60 x 99.6mm 10,000
Ishida Continuous LLIN620 60mm x 40m 24 rolls
Pre-Printed Thermal Labels   
Digi KABE101 39 x 62mm 15,750
Tec 9000 LLIN603 48 x 40mm 18,000
Tec LLIN601 48 x 47mm 16,800
Tec LLIN602 48 x 56mm 12,600
Tec SL66 LLIN604 48 x 62mm 12,600
Tec SL5900 LLIN606 48 x 62mm 12,600
Tec SL59 LLIN607 60 x 40mm 18,750
CAS LP15 LCAS101 58 x 40mm 21,000
Digi SM15 LLIN615 40 x 62mm 15,750
Digi SM15 LLIN617 40 x 62mm 18,000
Ishida LLIN301 64 x 46mm 20,000
CAS LCAS102 58 x 60mm 24,750
Ishida LLIN302 64 x 58mm 15,000
Avery Date Pkd LAVE101 49 x 76mm 10,000
Avery Best Before LAVE102 49 x 76mm 10,000
Avery Used By LAVE103 49 x 76mm 10,000
Ishida Utility LLIN303 64 x 83mm 11,250
Blank Thermal Carton Labels   
Blank Carton 102x110 102 x 110mm 4,500
Blank Carton 110x110 110 x 110mm 4,500
Blank Carton LMET101 80 x 130mm 6,000
Blank Carton LLIN111 85 x 110mm 8,400
Blank Carton LLIN100 90 x 130mm 6,000
Blank Carton LLIN102 112 x 98mm 7,500
Red Border LLIN112 95 x 100mm 8,400
Carcass Tag   
Self Stringing LLIN703 45 x 250mm 8,000
Eco Tag 3 LLIN803 50 x 257mm 7,000
Self String Floor Tags LLIN502 50 x 257mm 7,000
Blank Inset Label   
Plastic Thermal LMET901 80 x 76mm 9,990
Despatch Label   
Perforated LDFE105 102 x 150mm 6,300

Paper Rolls

We sell a full range of paper rolls, both thermal and bond, made from quality lint free paper. Our paper rolls suit all brands of cash registers and POS printers. Other sizes are also available, please contact us for your specific size.

TypeCodeRolls per box
Thermal 44 x 76mm 4476TH 48
Thermal 57 x 57mm 5757TH 48
Thermal 50 x 89 x 40mm 508940TH 24
Thermal 57 x 89 x 40mm 578940TH 24
Thermal 80 x 80mm 8080TH 24
Thermal 64 x 60 x 11.5mm 6460TH 48
Bond 37 x 70mm 3770B 48
Bond 44 x 76mm 4476B 48
Bond 57 x 57mm 5757B 24
Bond 76 x 76mm 7676B 50
Two Ply 37 x 70mm 3770TP 48
Two Ply 44 x 76mm 4476TP 48
Two Ply 57 x 57mm 5757TP 50
Two Ply 76 x 76mm 7676TP 50

Ink Cassette Ribbons, Ink Rollers, Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Our ribbons and rollers are made from high quality black, purple, red/black and colour ink. Call us with your cash register make and model for the correct ribbon or ink roller to suit your machine.

Our range of thermal transfer ribbons is suitable for all sizes for your thermal printer. Wax/Resin ribbons are suitable for shelf labels, shipping labels, and barcode tags and labels. Resin ribbons are designed for printing on plastic films, sheets and labels, and for where longevity is required. Just call us for a quotation.

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