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Counting scales count items based upon piece weight. Our range encompasses basic models up to high precision machines.

What Are Counting Scales?

Counting scales are versatile weighing machines calibrated to count and weigh items simultaneously, however small an item may be.

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They not only speed up productivity by ensuring every piece is accounted for, but also, save you the need to manually enter data by weighing items accurately.

When you want to accurately check the weight of an item or items against a pre-set limit, a counting scale does that job correctly all the time. They are ideal tools for determining the weight of an item with high accuracy.

Our complete range of counting scales is available in several sizes and can easily be used on a worktop bench or floor. They are well suited for a variety of environments, including quality control centres, retail warehouses, production facilities, and factories.


How Do Counting Scales Work?

A counting scale not only weighs but also counts the number of items in a lot. For this type of scale to weigh items precisely, it needs to know the weight of an individual item first. Once that weight is confirmed, then the scale can divide the total weight of the lot by the weight of an individual item to determine how many items have been placed on the scale.

However, for accurate results, always remember to weigh items that are of the same weight and category. Which means, you should not put screws and bolts of different weight to try to achieve an accurate result. Otherwise, you will end up with variations in your total count, especially where large quantities are concerned. Your sample size is also important especially if your product weight is not consistent. As a counting scale works on an average piece weight, a larger sample size will give you more accurate results.


Finding The Best Counting Scale For Your Needs

It is important to keep in mind your needs and applications when finalizing on a counting scale that works best for you. For example, if it is packaging or QC of small parts up to 30kg, then an A&D HC counting scale is ideal for you. However, if your requirements are better suited for a warehouse or a large factory, then our Ohaus Ranger bench counting scale is more than up to the task. Thanks to their solid steel construction that is robust and easy to clean, our Nuweigh JAC919 scales work at their optimal best when used for industrial heavy-duty counting. For the end-of-year inventory or a planned expansion, nothing beats our A&D FCi series counting scale, allowing you both high accuracy and the option to extend its capacity whenever required by easily letting you connect it to a separate weighing platform.


Brands We Cover

A&D HC & FC Counting Scale Series:

A&D HC-i series

Among the best industrial counting scales available in the market, the A&D HC-i series is a simple-to-use scale. It offers a 1:600,000 internal counting resolution and has a detachable weight display. Powered by an intuitive APW auto-optimization correction software for any minor variance, it features a numeric data-entry keyboard and a 99-item memory library. That is not all; it also has a built-in pre-packing comparator function and total count accumulation function. It is the ideal counting scale for hardware stores and parts wholesalers.

A&D FC-i series

The FC-i series counting scale from A&D Weighing is a versatile, high resolution counting scale which combines two critical performance requirements of a counting scale: count accuracy and operation expediency. Its four displays continuously show weight, average piece weight, piece count, item code, tare weight, and accumulator. An ACAI counting function continuously monitors and updates the average piece weight, providing increased accuracy for those items with inconsistent weights.


A&D FC-Si series

When it comes to advanced applications, you need a high-resolution counting scale, like our FC-Si series. These scales feature a high internal readability (FC-Si: 1/10,000,000 FC-i: 1/1,000,000) for extremely accurate counting. All our models come in a rugged aluminium diecast with a splash-proof display and have a removable stainless steel weighing pan. They also have a beginner-friendly, unit weight-registering navigator and can memorize up to 500 items at any given time. A simple operation mode ensures that unwanted operational errors are avoided.


Ohaus Ranger Series:


Ohaus Ranger RC31P series

The Ohaus Ranger RC31P series has all the functions that you require for a rapid and precise counting result. As the overall weight increases, their advanced auto-optimization software recalculates the average piece weight, thus ensuring accuracy while minimizing counting errors. These portable counting scales come equipped with a rechargeable battery.


Nuweigh JAC Counting Scale Series:


Nuweigh JAC919 counting platform scale

Designed for counting larger parts and pieces, the Nuweigh JAC919 counting platform scale is a rugged counting scale with a large platform base and weighing capacity of up to 150kg. It has a pre-set memory function, a full numeric keyboard and features three LCDs for weight, unit height, and quantity.


Nuweigh JAC828 counting series

The Nuweigh JAC828 series is perfectly suited for all your simple counting requirements. These battery-operated scales are available in three different capacities and have a stainless-steel platter. Featuring a large 18mm LCD and auto-zero function, they have a full numeric waterproof keyboard and dust protection cover. These scales come with a 12-month guarantee.


Weighing Money vs. Counting Money

There are two ways to count large sums of money. The first is to use a friction currency counter.

The second, and preferable option, is to use a coin and currency counter.


It is a fact that friction currency counters cannot count coins. Likewise, coin counters cannot count currency. A friction currency counter only counts paper money. Should you opt for this type, then you will also need to purchase a coin counter, unless you would rather count them by hand. A friction counter relies on moving parts to count banknotes; hence making it susceptible to frequent breakdowns, which would mean downtime on the machine until it is repaired. It is also prone to inaccuracies, especially when counting soiled, dirty, or new bills that tend to stick together.


On the other hand, a coin and currency counting scale does exactly as its name suggests - count both coins and currency accurately, in seconds. Our currency scales are also adaptive learners. They can differentiate between the weights of a dirty banknote that weighs more than a brand new one. They gather all this information and adjust accordingly, thereby giving you a precise counting process. These weighing scales keep a detailed database of weights for every supported currency and denomination within that currency. Specially calibrated load cells will weigh the coins and currency placed on the scale simultaneously. Using the information from both the load cells and the currency database, the scale can quickly and accurately calculate items being weighed and their monetary value.


Invest in one of our coin and currency counters and save yourself time, effort, and money. These precision scales will not only help speed up the daily counting process but will also greatly reduce calculation errors which could be expensive mistakes.

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