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Industrial Pallet Scales For Sale

Pallet scales are designed to take on large and heavy loads, and can help improve productivity and accuracy in manufacturing, warehouse and shipping environments. Pallet scales are also able to reduce safety risk, as the operator does not need to lift oversized pallets onto the scale. 

Able Scale carries a range of accurate and reliable pallet weighing scales, with capacities up to 10,000kg. Our options include pallet floor scales, pallet jack scales, weighing beams, and other pallet scales with various finishes including painted, galvanized and stainless steel. 

Our wide range of weighing scales caters to small, medium and high volume applications. Trade approved pallet scales are also available and will help your business save crucial time and money. 

All our pallet scales are of popular and credible brands like A&D Weighing, Nuweigh and Ohaus, which are not only renowned for their accuracy and reliability, but also durability and ability to withstand harsh industrial environments. 

Browse our selection below to find the perfect solution to your weighing needs in both industrial as well as commercial applications. If you need assistance, or if you require scales that are not found in this range, please contact our team directly.

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