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Medical Scales

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We have a range of medical scales that are suitable for personal and medical use and can be also used at home or at gyms, health centres, hospitals, and nursing homes. Our medical weighing equipment range includes baby and chair scales plus personal weighers, measuring equipment and more.

Whether your business requires baby or chair scales or other measuring equipment, we have an efficient solution for you. Our medical weighing equipment are suited to a wide range of businesses in this sector; each available for immediate purchase or short or long-term hire.

Types of Medical Weighing Scales

There are several types of medical weighing scales designed to meet varying health assessment needs. These scales play a crucial role in disease management by providing accurate and reliable measurements that aid in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients. From simple weight measurement to more complex body composition analysis, medical scales offer healthcare professionals valuable insights into their patients' health status.

1. Mechanical Scales: These traditional scales operate on a balance system that displays weight once the person steps on it. They are renowned for their durability and long-term accuracy.

2. Digital Scales: These scales use electronic sensors to measure weight. They offer high accuracy and convenience with features like automatic calibration and digital displays.

3. Bariatric Scales: Specifically designed for weighing obese patients, these scales have a higher weight capacity and a wider platform for comfortable use.

4. Wheelchair Scales: Wheelchair scales allow patients in wheelchairs to be weighed without needing to leave their chair. The scale calibrates to subtract the weight of the wheelchair itself.

5. Pediatric and Neonatal Scales: These scales are specially designed to weigh infants and small children with high precision.

6. Bedridden Patient Scales: These are portable scales that can be slid under a bedridden patient to take their weight.

Each type of medical weighing scale plays a unique role in patient care and disease management according to each patient's specific needs.

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