crane scales and hanging scales

What are Crane Scales?

Crane scales are heavy-duty scales used for the suspension of large or heavy items. They offer a safe and accurate method for overhead weighing. They are an example of hanging scales which are used to weigh heavier items, and they are usually suspended from cranes or other machinery.

Applications of crane scales

The main difference between crane scales and hanging scales is their specific capacity and cost. Hanging scales are used for lighter weighing tasks and tend to be less expensive. The latter are more equipped to deal with heavier weighing tasks and are more costly.

This is why Crane Scales are often used on ships, planes, and trains to ensure bulky cargo is moved and cared for properly, as well as in foundries and warehouses.

Knowing the weight of a load is crucial when transporting large amounts of freight as the weight of the goods has a direct impact on the safety of the people handling it.

Other Advantages of Crane Scale

As outlined earlier, Crane Scales are very useful to move around big and awkward loads which are often encountered at transport hubs, construction sites and warehouses.

They also help free up workspace by lessening the amount of forklift traffic within the workplace. By taking on heavy loads, crane scales create more free space for forklift operations, which results in less chances of accidents. 

Most crane scales are easy to park, with no special storage needs, except if they are digital versions, where you may need to keep them away from water to avoid damage to the reading unit. Digital versions of crane scales also make it easy to measure and read the weight, thus saving manual cross-checking and time consumption. This time saved can be spent on other productive activity. 

How to choose the right crane scale

Before purchasing a crane scale for your organisation, you should keep in mind the following factors:

  • The average load capacity of the crane scale. This is directly linked to the weight of the objects you want to load. This is crucial because if the maximum weight is exceeded, it can cause injury or even damage to your workplace.
  • Ease of use is also an important factor to consider while picking a crane scale. Pick a version that
  • is easy to handle, with scales that allow easy reading of the weight measurement.
  • Precision and accuracy are also vital since it can affect safety and expenditure.
  • Finally, consider the work environment since some models work better in certain temperatures or conditions.

Crane Scales by Able Scale

Able Scale offers a wide selection of Crane Scales. Our range of crane scales includes both electronic and mechanical, for any application that requires suspended weighing. Let’s take a look at some of our best-selling products:

Light Duty Crane Scale - Anyload OSCL

Light Duty Crane Scale - Anyload OSCL

Digital crane scale up to 300 kgs. The OCSL crane scales are ideal for light duty hanging applications.

Nuweigh Small Electronic Hanging Scale- JAC434

Nuweigh Small Electronic Hanging Scale JAC434

A compact and portable hanging scale up to 75kg capacity. The JAC434 is an electronic hanging scale ideal for portable suspended weighing.

CAS Heavy Duty Crane Scale (Caston-III)

An industrial crane scale with swivel hook up to 10,000kg. The Caston-III series crane scale are designed for industrial environments. 

CAS Heavy Duty Crane Scale Caston-III

Able Scale is one of the largest independent companies in Australia with equipment to suit all industries and budgets. Our aim is to provide our customers with the best possible solution to suit their business. For more information on our quality products, get in touch with our customer support team.