Custom Scale Labels

Scale labels are used for many labelling applications in various sectors, and are often stuck on products to show important information.

In the food industry, scale labels are required to meet certain regulatory standards to ensure that the necessary information about the food product is displayed clearly. Some of the information found on these food scale labels include ingredients, expiry dates, calorie charts, and allergy warnings.

Scale labels can also be used to improve inventory management and logistics, and custom scale labels can be designed specifically to meet your business and operational needs.

Custom Scale Labels for Cheese Manufacturer

Case Study: Custom Scale Labels for Cheese Manufacturer

Generally, scale labels come blank, white, and pre-printed with company logos and information, but there are also coloured scale labels.

One of our clients is a cheese manufacturer specialising in a variety of Italian style hard and fresh cheeses, and they recently approached Able Scale for a better labelling solution.

The Problem
Although they already have scale labels with all the required product information printed on them, the client was looking for a better, easier and more visual way to identify their products.

The Solution
Colour Labels for Cheese Cheese Manufacturer

The client ordered a variety of coloured labels for their cheese labelling requirements from Able Scale, so they can identify each individual product at a glance.

During production, it was as simple as changing the label in the scale to correspond with a colour for the particular product they were repackaging. For example, Parmesan cheese produced was printed on a yellow label, bocconcini cheese production was printed on an orange label, etc.

The new coloured labels made it easier for product identification on the shelves, and when packing for retail and wholesale orders.

At Able Scales, we stock a complete range of thermal scale labels to suit various label printing scales, including Ishida, Tec, Bizerba, and more. For custom scale label options to suit your specific requirements, please contact us for further assistance.