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Do You Need a Simple Carton Labelling Solution?


Carton labelling solutions can often be expensive, but if you only need simple features then we can offer a solution that can be implemented at a fraction of the cost of a sophisticated system.

So what is a carton label?

A carton label is used to track and trace a product and to meet the requirements or regulations of a retailer, processor or manufacturer. A carton label typically provides product information in an embedded industrial barcode. The embedded information usually includes the product number, weight, packed on date and a unique carton number. The barcode allows for easy scanning of the information and less human error from recording the information manually. This information is also printed on the label for manual identification.

The simple carton labeller we offer is ideal for the meat and smallgoods industries but is adaptable to many other industries.

So if you are a meat wholesaler, processor, abattoirs or packer and require a simple carton labelling solution for your bulk product then we can help.

If you are packing individual products in a carton and require accumulated weights, then you will need to go for a more dedicated system.

Our simple carton labeller consists of:

  • Rinstrum R423 Intelligent Digital Indicator with customised LUA programmed for carton labelling.
  • Platform weighing scale ( various capacities available, based on requirements)
  • Thermal label printer (various styles available, based on requirements)
  • NMI approvable equipment for trade use.

Features include:

  • EAN128 barcode printing
  • Product name, product number, weight, packed on date, carton number
  • Production logging for product reporting
  • Simple product transfer via USB
  • Easy product editing via Excel
  • Automatic or manual printing modes
  • Networkable with FTP file transfer capabilities

The Rinstrum LUA module is not limited to the above features, and can easily be adapted to suit your individual requirements.

If you would like further details on this solution or any other customisable solutions then please give us a call.

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