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Does your business need a wet area scale?


Industries that operate in harsh environments or outdoors often have to put up with tough weather conditions, which have adverse effects on the overall output. The same applies to businesses in the food production industry, where dealing with damp or wet substances is commonplace. While these working conditions are generally avoidable, they do stand to impact the efficiency of industrial equipment, especially those with computerized elements.

Employees and employers in the food production and hospitality industries face these woes on a regular basis. In these industries though, time is precious, which is why it should not be put towards painstakingly avoiding getting equipment wet. It is much more cost-effective and efficient to instead invest in equipment that can withstand wet environments and continue to work accurately.

At Able Scale, we completely understand that modern food production demands scales that can deliver accurate and reliable weights despite the presence of liquids and dust, while also being able to survive the most rigorous cleaning regime. And this is precisely why we recommend the A&D Professional Wet Area Scales (SC/SE Series) to our customers.

These scales produce an excellent weighing performance – they can withstand environments classed as high resistance all the way through to hostile. Furthermore, the scales come equipped with a completely sealed indicator – they can be submerged under a metre of water for 24 hours without any impact on performance. This is a whole new level of water-tightness and is a direct benefit to you because it means that these scales can cope with the most thorough of wash-downs, improving time management and job-performance among staff.

Here are five more reasons you must seriously consider investing in Wet Area Scales:

1. You’ll get 4500 hours of continuous operation before battery failure – This is machine that’s built to last longer, making it a cost-effective solution. The SC/SE series takes six D batteries, which must be purchased separately.

2. Supersized LCD screen with character height of 39mm – perfect for quick and easy viewing when weighing multiple items quickly, one after the other.

3. Multiple weighing units – switch between kg, lb, oz, and pcs – convenient when working with international orders and measurements.

4. High speed stabilisation for fast and efficient weighing - this ensures the job gets done faster.

5. Durable stainless steel weighing pan – rest assured you’ll be weighing those heavier loads on a stable and sturdy surface.

For more information about the A&D Professional Wet Area Scales (SC/SE Series), you can view the information brochure on our site. Or simply get in touch with us today to speak directly with an experienced consultant. Our team at Able Scale can help you set up an accurate, efficient, and affordable wet workspace suited to your budget and unique needs.

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