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Industrial POS system for waste management


Not all POS systems are just for retail applications.
Our client needed a system for bulk weighing of waste products with the ability to charge for the waste disposal. As the client was on a budget, a full blown waste management software package was not feasible and they needed an alternative.
With the flexibility of our ‘inPOS’ software we were able to set up a waste management system without the hefty price tag.
Most POS systems are linked to a 15kg retail scale, but for this application a trade approved 3000kg pallet scale was needed. With the addition of a large remote display the customer was also able to see the weight, and comply with trade measurement requirements.
The concept for operation was the same, just on a larger scale.
Through a simple sequence the client’s requirements were realized:
1. The bulk waste was loaded onto the platform scale,
2. the weight was transferred to the POS system,
3. the type of waste product (such as recyclable or organic waste) was selected on the touchscreen POS terminal,
4. and an invoice/receipt printed out,
5. invoices were then tracked within the POS software optional accounts module.
Waste management made easy.

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