The Carton Labeller That Suits Most Budgets

Carton labellers are typically expensive, large and lack flexibility, making it inconvenient for small- to mid-sized companies to acquire them.

For this, the ScaleMate Touch makes a good entry level carton labelling system without the big price tag.


The ScaleMate Touch is designed to offer a carton labelling solution to suit most budgets due to its modular and flexible design. It is ideal for wholesalers supplying boxes of fresh, processed or frozen product. It is also a great option for wholesalers and manufacturers who need an industrial barcode with inventory control for traceability. Some of the typical applications include item weight or price label, carton label, pallet label, fresh or pre-packed food label, and stock control and inventory aid.

The labeller is able to include product specific information with barcode compliance, for example:

  • Use by date
  • Packed date
  • SKU
  • Product description
  • Weight
  • GS1 Compliant barcodes
  • Batch codes
  • Box quantity
  • Consecutive box numbering
  • Storage instructions

This system can be connected to a variety of Windows-based printers, from desktop for low volume, up to industrial for high volume. With the smart scale interface developed by our IT team, the ScaleMate Touch does not restrict you to a certain brand or size of scale. This allows you to choose your weighing device, from a small micro-balance to a pallet scale.

The ScaleMate Touch is also scalable to your needs. Whether you are a low volume or high volume user, or whether you need to print 100 or 1000 labels per day, this carton labeller is perfect for every task.

You can enjoy the flexibility to design your own label formats using the power of Bartender label creation software. Besides giving you control over how your label looks, this flexible label formatting also means the ScaleMate is less expensive to maintain, because you can easily update it yourself instead of having to pay a technician to do the job.

Other notable features include:

  • Touch screen PC
  • Easy-to-use touch screen operation
  • Modular design, making it easy to upgrade or replace items as required
  • Your choice of PC terminal – you can choose standard or water resistant
  • Remote support available for troubleshooting issues
  • Database redundancy with backup for no loss of data
  • Multiple I/O ports for communication
  • MMI approved for trade use

If you are looking for a cost-effective and flexible solution to your carton and product labelling needs, the ScaleMate Touch may just be the right option for your business.

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