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High Capacity Precision Balance - A&D GP Series


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A range of high capacity balances with internal calibration, IP65 and approved for trade use.

If you need a high capacity balance, and precision accuracy then the A&D GP Series is the solution. With the option of trade approved models, the GP series are the whole package.

Features include:

  • column mounted indicator with swing arm display (GP-KA models)
  • detached display (GP-KS models)
  • IP65 rated and ideal for use in wet areas,
  • internal and external calibration modes,
  • standard RS232 communication,
  • free WinCT software for easy data capture,
  • large stainless steel weighing pan,
  • AC adapter powered
  • large VFD display,
  • multiple weighing units,
  • multiple function modes- counting, animal weighing, comparator, percentage, accumulation, and more,
  • optional underhook weighing,
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty


Models available:

  • GP-12KA    12kg x 0.1g   (NMI resolution 1g) 
  • GP-20KA    21kg x 0.1g   (NMI resolution 1g)
  • GP-32KA      6kg x 0.1g/31kg x 1g (NMI resolution 1g)
  • GP-30KA    31kg x 0.1g   (NMI resolution 1g)
  • GP-30KS    31kg x 0.1g   (NMI resolution 1g)
  • GP-32KS     6kg x 0.1g/31kg x 1g (NMI resolution 1g)
  • GP-40KA   41kg x 0.5g    (Not approved for trade use)
  • GP-61KA   61kg x 0.1g    (Not approved for trade use)
  • GP-60KS   61kg x 1g       (NMI resolution 10g)
  • GP-61KS   61kg x 0.1g    (Not approved for trade use)
  • GP-100KA 101kg x 1g     (NMI resolution 10g)
  • GP-102KA 61kg x 1g/101kg x 10g (NMI resolution 10g/100g)
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