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High Resolution Counting Scale - A&D FC-i & FC-Si Series


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A range of counting scales with a high internal resolution of up to 1/10,000,000.

The A&D FC-i counting scales are designed for high accuracy counting of fine piece weights. With the FC-i's ability to connect a larger second scale platform you can count both small and larger items easily.

Features include:

  • RS232C interface,
  • VFD display,
  • accumulation function,
  • up to 500 ID memories,
  • high internal resolution of 1/10,000,000 (FC-Si) and 1/1,000,000 (FC-i)
  • remote platform option for bulk counting,
  • comparator function,
  • easy to use navigation functions,
  • stainless steel platter,
  • AC adaptor powered, or optional NiMH rechargeable battery,
  • 12 months manufacturers warranty. 

Models available are:

  • FC500Si     500g x 0.02g (minimum piece weight 0.00005g)
  • FC5000Si     5kg x 0.2g  (minimum piece weight 0.0005g)
  • FC5000i       5kg x 0.5g  (minimum piece weight 0.005g)
  • FC10Ki       10kg x 1g  (minimum piece weight 0.01g)
  • FC20Ki       20kg x 2g  (minimum piece weight 0.02g)
  • FC50Ki       50kg x 5g  (minimum piece weight 0.05g)
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