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Touch Screen Precision Balance - Ohaus Adventurer AX


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A trade approved precision balance, with colour touch screen up to 8200g.

The Adventurer AX balances has everything you expect from a precision balance and more. With a large 109mm colour VGA graphic touchscreen, operation of the balance is made easy and user friendly.

Features include:

  • a full colour graphic touch screen,
  • draftshield included on 1mg models
  • USB and RS232 ports,
  • auto calibration or external calibration models,
  • fast stabilization,
  • multiple weighing modes,
  •  real time clock,
  • 130mm diameter weigh pan on models up to 520g or
  • 175mm x 195mm weigh pan on models 620g to 8200g,
  •  multiple weighing units,
  • NMI approved for trade use (model dependent),
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty

Available in the following models:

  • AX223       220g x 0.001g  or    (NMI readability x 0.01g)
  • AX423       420g x 0.001g  or    (NMI readability x 0.01g)
  • AX523       520g x 0.001g  or    (NMI readability x 0.01g)
  • AX622       620g x 0.01g
  • AX1502   1520g x 0.01g    or    (NMI readability x 0.1g)
  • AX2202   2200g x 0.01g    or    (NMI readability x 0.1g) 
  • AX4202   4200g x 0.01g    or    (NMI readability x 0.1g)
  • AX4201   4200g x 0.1g
  • AX5202   5200g x 0.01g    or    (NMI readability x 0.1g)
  • AX8201   8200g x 0.1g      or    (NMI readability x 1g)
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