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Weighing Scale Hire

We have the largest range of short term hire weighing equipment in Victoria.  We offer both short and long term hire on weighing equipment and cash registers. You can hire from a day, week, month, or on a permanent basis.

If you only require scales at certain times of the year then hiring is a cost effective solution.

Scales for Hire - Short Term

  • Counting scales for stocktaking
  • Cash registers for events, exhibitions, or peak sales periods.
  • Pallet scales for wineries during picking season
  • Platform scales for in-house product development or short run productions
  • Quality assurance testing of your weighed product
  • Scales for freight monitoring
  • Test weights for testing of elevators, and load bearing equipment
  • Baby scales for newborn monitoring
  • Crane scales for weighing oversized items

Scales for Long Term Hire

Long Term Hire is available on most equipment and may be suitable for:

  • Tax deductions, hire is a fully tax deductable expense (see your tax advisor for details)
  • Keep up to date with the latest model of equipment
  • The equipment is fully maintained by us for general wear & tear (conditions apply)
  • Don't be stuck with an asset if you only need the equipment to fulfil a specific purpose or contract.
  • Or you may just want to try before you buy.

Why Hire Rental Scales from Able Scales

  • No large upfront cash outlay
  • No maintenance costs - all hire equipment will be fully repaired and maintained for general wear and tear.
  • Not stuck with an asset if you need certain equipment for a specific purpose during a specific time only
  • Upgrade anytime
  • Try a scale out before committing to a purchase
  • Discounts are available on the purchase of equipment if you hire first and buy later.
  • We offer delivery and training, own pick up or freighted to you, whatever suits your requirements.

Scale Rental Terms and Conditions

Enquire About Scale Hire

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