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Buying the right checkweigher for your needs


One of the key areas of the manufacturing process involves inspecting the quality of the products before they get distributed to retailers, making checkweighers an important part of the production process. As the name would suggest, a checkweigher checks the weights of packaged commodities and ensures it is within the specified limits, and can be either automatic or manual. Commodities that exceed the specified limits are automatically taken out of the production line. With their efficiency and accuracy, checkweighers ensure that the production process is smooth and meets quality requirements.

If you’re looking to set up or upgrade your production lines, investing in robust, good quality checkweighers is an important step. This will help you maintain a standard level of quality at the end of the line. Able Scale offers a wide range of checkweighers suitable for varied requirements and budgets. However, your choice of checkweigher depends mainly on the accuracy required, line rate, environment, package specifications and additional functions you need included for your line. This information will help determine whether you must opt for a compact bench top checkweigher or a more elaborate industrial one.

Untitled-2The Ohaus Champ CKW checkweigher at Able Scale is a stainless steel model with upto 30kg capacity. It is well suited for industrial environments, being easy to wash and maintain. Other features of this scale includes check weighing set points, indicators, memory storage, statistical function, standard RS232, and multiple weighing units. The scale offers speed, durability and cleanliness, resulting in a lowered cost of ownership.
Picture 2The A&D Modular Intelligent EziCheck is a model that offers industrial functionality and is ideal for food processing and inspection. The scale’s modular design simplifies weighing and maximizes efficiency. It comprises four units: an infeed conveyor unit, a weighing conveyor unit, a control unit and a base unit, all of which can be assembled quickly. In addition, the direct gear drive mechanism allows you to replace a conveyor easily, allowing for easy maintenance. In the event of a system shutdown, you can replace the unresponsive module yourself, instead of placing production on hold till a service engineer responds to the issue.

Able Scale’s wide selection of checkweighers offers diverse functions, hence our experienced customer service team can assist you in finding the right scale model for your needs that also suits your budget. We welcome questions, comments and enquiries, and would be happy to discuss your shop needs. Call us today on 1300 731 360 to speak to a friendly, experienced representative.

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