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Quality Assurance (QA) testing: Everything you need to know


Most of us in the scales and weighing industry will agree when we say that buying weighing equipment isn’t the end, but just the beginning. Weighing equipment needs to be cared for not only to ensure longevity, but to also maintain accuracy and overall efficiency. Most importantly, weighing equipment are typically prone to fluctuations in measurement, a result of general wear and tear after the equipment has been in use for a while. The accuracy of weighing equipment can also be affect by overloading, drops and knocks, temperature differences, moisture, power and battery function, and gravity too. It’s no wonder then that scales calibrated in Victoria may not display the same measurements when being used in Queensland.


Inaccurate scales and weighing equipment can hamper the efficiency of your business, increasing the likelihood of product recalls, inaccurate costing and incorrect ingredient weighing. All of which, can be costly errors in the business. However, errors caused due to inaccurate weighing systems are avoidable, subject to frequent testing and calibration. Testing your equipment also ensures they meet regulatory requirements, making it an essential equipment maintenance exercise.


At Able Scale, we recommend a standard testing period of 12 months. However, we also offer testing on a monthly or quarterly basis, based on the requirements of your business. Our skilled technicians can offer regular scheduled maintenance to keep your equipment in optimum condition, and pinpoint issues before they breakdown. In the event of equipment breakdown, we offer on-site service and repairs, as well as in house workshop repairs, depending on what is most suitable to your requirements. Whilst your equipment is being repaired, we can also loan you replacement equipment so the work doesn’t stop.


We offer Quality Assurance testing to ISO9001, including written calibration report and service stickers, as well as trade measurement verification for trade approved scales. We use certified test weights for all our testing with traceability to national measurement standards. Our experience servicing team also provide support with service manuals, and extensive know-how on spare parts and the most popular weighing brands in the market. As an added service, we also provide our customers site assessments to make sure you are using the best equipment for your individual business processes.


Able Scale Co. is proudly registered with the following:

  • ISO9001 Certified. Registration No. QEC8200
  • National Measurement Institute Servicing Licence SL-0026
  • Member of the Weighing Industry Association.


Interested in ensuring your weighing equipment is accurate in the long term? Why not book a service with Able Scale today? Our service department are available on 1300 731 360 Monday- Friday to help you with any questions or an obligation free quotation.


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