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Choose the right platform scale for your business


While most commercial businesses require the use of scales in varying capacities for their daily operations, the sheer diversity in scale types can be overwhelming and confusing for people who don’t hail from the industry. From platform scales to bench scales, each model has its own specific purpose, and it’s important to choose a scale that’s most suited to your business. Or you could end up with a scale that doesn’t meet all your requirements, or worse still, an expensive one with a host of features you have no use for.


Within the range of platform scales too, you find different models that come in various sizes and offer different functions, making them more versatile in nature. Furthermore, the model you eventually zero in on will also depend on factors such as the environment they will be used in and the materials expected to be placed on them. Platform Scales are typically used for specific applications like wet conditions, dry conditions, wash down, or even veterinary requirements. When you’re in the market for platform scales, there are three things you must consider: its features, intended use and the type of environment the scale will be used in.


For example, although a light duty platform scale may seem more cost-effective, it isn’t appropriate for use in rooms with low temperatures or a wash down environment. Likewise, a heavy duty scale would be an unnecessary piece of equipment if your business only uses scales for the occasional small parcel or for freight purposes. It’s always recommended to first determine how your business will use the scale before making a purchase.


Other features to consider when buying platform scales include the following:

  • NMI approved, for trade use
  • Rechargeable battery operation
  • Data communication for connection to printers, PC, PLC etc
  • Counting, target weighing, multiple weighing units, accumulative tare
  • LED, LCD or VFD indicator display styles


Once you have determined the list of features you require in your platform scale, you then need to consider the environment the equipment will be used in. Most of the popular platform scale types can be broadly categorised into the following:

  • Light Duty: These scales are light duty and usually made of steel. They have a plastic indicator and a limited set of features. Such scales are most appropriate for weighing small parcels, and for occasional use, since you won’t wear it out too soon with everyday use
  • Medium Duty: These scales come with a painted steel construction with plastic/ABS indicator housing, and a range of other features. These scales are perfect for general business applications and for regular use, since they are sturdier in form
  • Heavy Duty: These scales are heavy duty painted or made with a stainless steel frame with plastic/ABS indicator housing, and multiple features. These are most suitable for weighing heavy or rugged items with constant use.
  • Water Resistant: Ideal for medium or heavy use, these scales have a painted or stainless steel frame with sealed plastic or stainless steel indicator housing. Suitable for environments when water ingress, dust and chemicals are in use.


Able Scale specialises in a wide variety of industrial, medical and label printing scales, in addition to cash registers, software and food equipment. Contact us today to discuss your weighing scale equipment needs.

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