Common Service Issues - Forklift Damage to Pallet Scales

Industrial scales are integral tools in the productivity and precision of any industrial warehouse environment. Specifically crafted to provide accurate weight measurements of palletized goods, pallet scales play a crucial role in optimising inventory management, shipping logistics, and ensuring compliance with safety standards. The significance of precise weight measurements cannot be overstated in industries where even minor discrepancies can affect inventory control, which in turn can increase shipping costs and compromise overall operational integrity. In short, pallet scales offer a seamless and dependable approach to goods handling in any warehouse.

But just as reliable digital scales have become an indispensable asset to many industries, so too have common pallet scale service issues become the bane of many a factory. Everyday service issues can render an otherwise dependable pallet scale suboptimal or even inoperable. Read on to learn the forklift damage issues to look out for, how best to avoid them, and the more durable models of pallet scales to keep in mind when purchasing your next set.

Common Causes of Forklift Damage to Pallets

Bent Legs

Bent legs are one of the most common issues arising from the rough handling of pallet scales by forklifts. This structural compromise has the potential to adversely impact pallet integrity due to levelling issues, leading to inaccuracies in scale readings. You can stay on top of this issue via regular inspections, immediately replacing any damaged legs should you find any, training forklift operators to employ proper handling, and purchasing pallet scales made of durable materials.

Cable Damage

Another significant problem is cable damage. Forklift operators can inadvertently damage the cables associated with the pallet scales, thereby affecting data transmission and overall scale functionality. This issue can be mitigated by implementing protective measures such as cable guards, ensuring proper cable routing, and conducting routine inspections to promptly identify and replace damaged cables.

Loose Load Cells

The importance of load cells in pallet scales cannot be overstated, as loose load cells can result in inconsistent readings and scale measurement inaccuracies. To counter this, it is recommended that you regularly tighten load cell connections, conduct routine calibration, and schedule professional maintenance to ensure load cells remain securely in place and accurate

Levelling Issues

Improper levelling of pallet scales poses yet another challenge, potentially leading to skewed weight readings. Precision in industrial weighing is paramount for accurate inventory management and shipping. To address levelling issues, we recommended measures such as employee training on proper usage, regular checks and adjustments, and considered investment in levelling indicators to facilitate ease of adjustment.

Faulty Weight Readings

Forklift-related damage can commonly result in faulty weight readings. Routine calibration is vital for maintaining accuracy, and establishing a regular calibration schedule is essential. Thorough inspections following any forklift-related incidents and investment in quality assurance measures to promptly detect and correct faulty readings are key to troubleshooting and maintaining accurate weight measurements.

Able Scale’s Pallet Scales with Protection Frame

Despite the ubiquitous essentiality of forklifts in warehouse operations, they are nonetheless heavy duty vehicles that pose frequent risks to the damage to both staff and fixtures. Even with proper training and careful adherence to health and safety procedures, at the end of the day, accidents still happen. Forklift accidents will often lead to the damage of business assets, and pallet scales are one of the most common objects in the line of proverbial fire. One of the more common scenarios of pallet damage is caused by forklift operators hurriedly placing pallets on and off a floor scale, resulting in instances where the forklift is still in motion as the load is positioned, which can occasionally lead to an unwanted hazardous collision with the scale. Such incidents can result from simple issues like a snapped or distorted scale foot, to more severe damage - such as massive side-load stress impacting expensive components like load cells.

As such, prominent scale engineers and manufacturers, such as A&D Weighing, have gone to great lengths to abate forklift-related damage in their pallet products by designing a cost-effective barrier system to prevent such damage. These forklift barriers from A&D Weighing offer an elegant solution to shield businesses from inadvertent forklift mishaps. Once securely bolted around the accessible sides of a floor scale, these heavy-duty steel barriers can provide protection for the key component of low-profile pallet scales; the load cells. A proactive measure such as this can help minimise unnecessary maintenance costs and downtime resulting from accidental damage.

Finished in high-visibility safety yellow (or a sleek galvanising finish, upon request), the barriers offer robust protection against forklift side loading on the ELP and A&D series pallet scales. Available in kits of 1, 2, or 3 pieces with dynabolts provided for easy attachment to a concrete floor, these barriers are also extremely handy in safeguarding walls, racks, or cartons from damage in any facility where forklifts are commonplace.

Painted Steel Pallet Scales - Nuweigh IH1949P

Nuweigh IH1949P

The Painted Steel Pallet Scales - Nuweigh IH1949P caters to a wide variety of industries, and it excels in handling large items and fulfilling freight and shipping requirements. Offering a blend of quality and affordability, this steel-constructed scale with a powder-coated finish features a rechargeable battery-operated indicator. Trade-approved for weighing necessities, it boasts a 1200mm x 1200mm platform, 4 x 1500 kg load cells, cheka plate platform, and a JAC101 electronic battery-operated indicator. With dual-range weighing capacities, optional accessories, and trade approval, the IH1949P ensures versatility across all sectors. It comes with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty and offers non-standard platform sizes and capacities upon request. Fully galvanised and stainless steel versions are also available for any business wishing to add a touch of class to their operation.

Nuweigh Galvanised or Stainless Steel Pallet Scales (IH1949 Series)

Nuweigh Galvanised or Stainless Steel Pallet Scales (IH1949 Series)

The Nuweigh Galvanised or Stainless Steel Pallet Scales (IH1949 Series) is entirely galvanised and approved for trade use, boasts a 1200mm x 1200mm platform, a stainless steel junction box, and a robust cheka plate platform. It can be equipped with the JAC101 electronic battery-operated indicator and is offered in capacities such as 1500kg x 500g, 3000kg x 1kg, 5000kg x 2kg, and 10000kg x 5kg. Custom platform sizes and capacities are available upon request. A fully stainless steel version is also available upon request.

How to Protect Pallet Scales from Forklift Damage?

Protection Frames

Protection frames are ideal to protect your scale from bumps and knocks by forklifts.

Consider using a heavy duty protection frame for pallet scales that come with features that minimise forklift damage


Protect the home run cable from the scale to the weighing indicator. Installing some flexible conduit around the cable will help prevent, cable damage such as breaks and from crushing.

Indicator Location

Consider mounting the weighing indicator to a wall where it will be less likely to be knocked over or dropped.

Forklift Operators

It is essential to take into account the size and weight of the product, as well as the packaging methods employed for shipping, when loading pallets. The critical aspect in pallet selection is the size; contrary to common belief, opting for a heavier-duty pallet doesn't necessarily enhance product stability. A surplus of space between the product and the pallet's edge can compromise its integrity. Uneven loading on heavy-duty pallets may result in damage during lifting or stacking.

Forklift operators obviously play a critical role in averting pallet damage caused by forklifts, and the correct training of forklift drivers can mitigate various forms of pallet damage. Alternatively, hiring correctly trained and licensed forklift operators from the outset can also ensure efficient machinery handling in the workplace, but it is advised that your business provide ongoing education on pallet damage reduction so as to keep those skills sharpened. It is also essential in ensuring workplace safety and proper handling procedures. Cultivating a workplace culture that prioritises responsible forklift handling not only prolongs the lifespan of pallets, but also diminishes the occurrence of other accidents and leads to a happy and healthy workplace environment


Sturdy pallet scales are crucial for any business wishing to guarantee accurate and reliable weight measurements, while also preventing damage to both goods and the scales themselves during industrial operations. You can check out the Able Scale range of pallet scales here. To check out the full range of Able Scales products, you can start with the head over to the Able Scales homepage here.

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