Postage Scales for Australia Post

Postage Scales for Australia Post

Industrial scales are the lifeblood of the postal industry, playing an essential role in both the accuracy and efficiency of general postage and shipping. The use of reliable and precise scales is crucial in determining the weight of parcels, letters, and any other items that go through the post. Industrial scales help ensure that postage fees are calculated correctly and that packages are appropriately classified for shipping purposes, thereby streamlining the shipping process by providing Australia Post with the consistently accurate measurements.

The Accuracy of Industrial Scales for the Postal Industry

Industrial scales employed in the postal industry are versatile and capable of weighing a wide array of items. From small letters and envelopes to large parcels and packages, these scales are designed to handle a diverse range of weights and sizes.

Whether you need a scale that can connect to the Australia Post software using the A&D AP-30i, or just want a budget friendly, stand alone, trade approved scale such as the Ishida IPC30D, you’ll find that the consistently reliable measurements provided by industrial scales will help you maintain cost-effective pricing, customer satisfaction, and overall efficient logistics.

Technological Features of Industrial Scales for Australia Post

Some of the more notable benefits of industrial scales are as follows.

  • Industrial scales offer high versatility and can be utilised to weigh a wide range of objects or items.
  • Industrial scales are specifically engineered to withstand the various stresses encountered in a modern post office setting.
  • Regardless of the load range being measured, industrial scales consistently provide accurate measurements.
  • Depending on their size, many industry scales are designed to be portable and easily packed and stored when not in use.

Technological Features of Industrial Scales for Australia Post

Ishida IPC30D - IPC bench scales

What are the Features that are Needed for Australia Post Scales?

Australia Post scales require suitable weight capacity for standard postal items, as well reliability, durability, clear display, tare functionality, and trade-approved accuracy.

Do Postal Scales Require Trade Approval?

In Australia, it is a legal requirement for businesses engaged in the sale of such goods to use verified trade-approved scales or other types of weighing equipment. Every trade-approved scale is assigned an approval number and can be traced back to national standards. It’s an industry-approved metric that will help benefit both you and your customers to maintain quality control procedures. It’ll also help you avoid copping penalties if you’re legally required to have one.

To determine if your business requires trade-approved scales, consider the following questions.

  • Does your business engage in buying, selling, or trading goods based on their weight or measure?
  • Do you weigh the goods in front of the customers during the transaction?

If you answer "yes" to any of these, it may be necessary for you to invest in some trade scales to ensure compliance with Australia’s trade measurement laws.

How to Choose the Right Industrial Scale for Postage?

Choosing the appropriate postal scale for your business involves understanding the essential features and how they align with your specific needs.


Arguably the most important thing to look for in a set of scales, accurate readings are vital for both ensuring precision so as to ensure efficiency and avoid overcharging. Remember that even the most accurate scales still need to be maintained, and that it’s recommended that you regularly calibrate your postal scale to maintain accuracy.

Weight Capacity:

Probably the next most obvious factor to consider is the scale’s weight capacity. Postal scales come in different weight capacities, catering to diverse business requirements. Lower capacity scales suit small businesses with lightweight shipments, while higher capacities accommodate larger items and higher volumes. There’s no weight capacity that’s universally perfect for everyone, so it’s advisable that you select a scale that matches the specific shipping needs of your business.


You’re going to want a set that’s big enough to handle the objects you need to weigh, but that’s still a good size to comfortably fit in the available space of your store. If ample space is available, a larger postal scale is ideal. Otherwise, you may wish to opt for a smaller or portable model that fits your needs.

Power Source:

AC-powered scales have a consistently steady power supply, eliminating concerns about battery life. However, this requires proximity to a power source that may make them less portable than is desired. Conversely, battery-operated postal scales are more portable and comparatively flexible, making them suitable for businesses with changing workspaces or limited access to power outlets; the flip side being that you will need to occasionally worry about your battery life running out. So, not unlike the size of the scales, the ideal power source variety is going to be largely informed by the physical space of your store or set-up.


The A&D AP-30i postal scales interface directly with the Australia Post EPOS system offering seamless integration of weight data. These features streamline the shipping process, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual data entry errors.


Postal scales feature digital displays. Digital displays provide clearer readings and additional information, presenting weight measurements on LCD or LED screens. It’s also important that your scales feature both an operator and acustomer display with clear information that can be read quickly and easily, so as to mitigate both wait time as well as human error.


You’ll likely want a strong set of scales that can provide consistent and accurate measurements while enduring the routine rough and tumble of a busy day. Most postal scales will have a platter made from stainless steel, which is robust, easy to clean, and resistant to corrosions –and a high-quality plastic housing, which can provide you with a strong yet lightweight option.

Tare Function:

The tare function allows users to subtract the weight of a container, providing an accurate net weight of the item being shipped. This ensures precise postage calculations and avoids overcharges.


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