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Choosing the right pallet scale for your business


If you send out products on a pallet, or are weighing drums, and other large items then most likely you will need a pallet type scale to weigh it on.

Pallet or industrial floor scales are an instrument that’s specifically designed to weigh crates, pallets and other large objects, typically found in warehouses or other industrial environments. They are versatile and can be used as a U-shaped frame, platform, or pallet beams. Pallet scales are sturdy, versatile and resistant to damage, and they help streamline processing and distribution procedures, increase control over stock and reduce risk in high-pressure environments.


Some platform scales combine the work of forklifts with a heavy duty weighing scale, allowing goods to be moved around whilst being weighed, hence reducing the overall loading/unloading time. Other variants also come with sloped edges or a ramp, making it easier to place animals or goods on them to be weighed. Pallet beams, on the other hand, comprise two beams that can be placed beneath large platforms or cages, with long cables allowing it to expand or retract from each other to suit the dimensions of the items being weighed. Pallet beams consist of two small weigh beams that can be placed underneath large pallets, cages, cattle crushes and platforms. They feature long robust cables that allow the beams to expand or retract from each other depending on the size of the platform or object on top.


A standard painted pallet scale will weigh a 1200mm x 1200mm pallet up to 3000kg, but there are various options to suit all applications.


So how do you choose a pallet scale to suit your needs?

  1. First and foremost, always buy your equipment from a reputable company that can calibrate the scales to a known weight and repair them when needed. We pride ourselves on never shipping out a scale that has not had the weight calibration tested prior to use
  2. Consider the environment in which the scales will be used, since this will determine what external conditions it needs to adapt to, such as a wet or dust-prone area. The construction options we offer include painted steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel
  3. The scale you choose must have an adequate weighing capacity and size for the products you intend to weigh. We can custom design pallet scales to suit your requirements.
  4. You may need to opt for pallet scales that come with additional features that suit your needs, such as battery operation, connection to printers or PLC, trade approved, ramps, hazardous area compatibility etc.


At Able Scale, our pallet weighing scales include capacities up to 10,000kg. They include pallet floor scales, pallet jack scales, weighing beams & other pallet scales with various finishes including painted, galvanized and stainless steel. Our wide range of products caters to small, medium & high volume applications. Some of the custom applications we have made range from the simple to the more complex, but have included: changes to the standard weight and size dimensions, cattle crush mounting, flip top lids, drop centre for a low profile, inbuilt ramps, wrapping machines mounted to weigh and wrap simultaneously, chlorine tank weighers, caravan weighers and many more.


Give us a call to discuss your needs, and get the best equipment for your application the first time.

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