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Streamline your freight process with a state-of-the-art Pallet Scale


Logistics can be a hectic & time-consuming process. With the weighing technology industry rapidly developing over the last decade, there has never been a better time to invest & streamline your businesses logistics. Pallet scales not only help to create more space but also save time and manpower by avoiding additional processes. It can efficiently help move and organise products which could be fragile or highly expensive.

  • Freight Scales now equipped to move & weigh and print products at the same time
  • Nuweigh YAH494 Pallet Jack Scale (built in printer)
  • Nuweigh IH1949 Pallet Scale (with optional thermal printer)

Traditionally, businesses had to go through different processes to move the freight then to weigh them, and then to record them. Companies can save precious time by merging  the processes together. Freight scales now come with an inbuilt or attachable printer which can instantly produce a label or receipt highlighting the accurate weight, time & date. This new feature helps businesses save time by streamlining the production process, increase traceability of the freight & comply with the loading weight limits for transportation.

The Nuweigh Pallet Jack Scale YAH494 & the Nuweigh IH1949 Pallet Scale are popular scales in the category which are available at Able Scale. Enclosed are the some of the key features of these scales.

Nuweigh Pallet Jack Scale (YAH494) 

Nuweigh Pallet Jack Scale

  • Internal Rechargeable Battery
  • Built in Printer included
  • Capacity of 2000kg
  • Date, Time, Weight Accumulation & Total Print
  • Massive 52mm Backlit Display & 7 key keyboard
  • Heavy Duty Rollers & Jack Mechanism

Nuweigh IH1949 Pallet Scale

Nuweigh IH1949 Pallet Scale

  • NSC Trade Approvable
  • 240V & Rechargeable Nicad Battery operated digital indicator
  • Available in Painted Steel, Fully Galvanised, or Stainless Steel
  • Capacities up to 10,000kg
  • Available with a standard digital indicator, or stainless steel water resistant indicator
  • Side load protection
  • Optional thermal printer for labelling or receipt printing

Some of the other benefits of using a well-equipped scale include accuracy in product weighing, increased productivity, provides a safe work environment for the operator and helps keep the business profitable by reducing wastage.

Able Scale has the largest range of scales available to suit all types of businesses and budgets: including retail shops, factories, hospital and medical, laboratories, food processing, packaging, manufacturing, and more. We offer choice, quality, and experience. We provide competitive pricing for all our products as a result of stocking variety of brands. Contact Able Scale on 1300 731 360 today to know more.

Looking to hire a scale and any weighing equipment for your business? We offer both short and long term hire of weighing equipment and cash registers. You can hire from a day, week, month, or on a permanent basis. For more information, visit our website.

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