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Get your business ready for the upcoming shopping season!

  • Hire specialist equipment including scales, cash registers and more
  • Cost-effective short term & long term scale hire available

It’s time to get your business ready, as the upcoming shopping season will bring in an increased number of customers. To keep up with the demand & make the most of this opportunity, businesses need to prepare themselves in advance.

Seasonal Scales Hire

For some businesses, it means creating more product displays or just organizing packaging materials whereas some businesses will require additional equipment like weighing scales & cash registers. Many businesses operate based on specific seasons & require specialist equipment during specific times including weighing scales, cash registers and load bearing equipment. Since the requirement is seasonal, it’s good to hire these equipment’s to ensure the business keeps up with the increased demand. The advantage of hiring such equipment is that it is cost effective & provides a flexible solution for the business. Depending on the type of business & the length of the season, these equipment are available for short term & long term hire.

Short Term Scales Hire


Are you looking to hire equipment for an upcoming trade show or a customer event? Short term hire is beneficial for businesses who require specific equipment like counting scales, cash registers, pallet scales and crane scales for specific events or a limited duration in a year. It is highly cost efficient as the business need not make an investment to buy the equipment.

Long Term Scales Hire


Long term scale hire provides a wide range of benefits as well. It is a fully tax deductable expense, no maintenance costs to the business and the latest model of the equipment can be used. Additionally, the hired equipment can be purchased by the business at a discounted price as well.

If you are looking to hire any weighing equipment for your business, contact Able Scale on 1300 731 360 today! We have the largest range of short term hire weighing equipment in Victoria.  We offer both short and long term hire of weighing equipment and cash registers. You can hire from a day, week, month, or on a permanent basis. For more information, visit our website


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