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Are you ready for the upcoming fruit picking season?


After all the hard work that’s gone into growing various crops, the most important time of the year is finally here – the Fruit Picking Season! This is the final stage & a crucial one for any business owner. Once the fruits have been picked, it’s time to weigh them accurately & start the packaging process. This needs to be done both efficiently & quickly.

The importance of a weighing process is often underestimated. Many businesses choose traditional weighing systems which take more time & increases the risk of errors.

Looking for a more effective way to improve the weighing process for your business? With the advancement of technology, there is a simpler & faster solution. Automated weighing systems are easy to use & help save valuable time. Bench scales include features high accuracy readings, durable, water resistant (wash-down scales), trade approved in Australia, LED indicators & highly portable.

Here are some of the popular scales used in the fruit picking season.

A&D SJWP scaleA&D SJWP scale

Ohaus Valor 4000 scaleOhaus Valour 4000 scale


Nuweugh JAD989 scale

Nuweigh JAD989 scale

Able Scale has the largest range of scales available to suit all types of businesses and budgets: including retail shops, factories, hospital and medical, laboratories, food processing, packaging, manufacturing, and more. We offer choice, quality, and experience. We provide competitive pricing for all our products as a result of stocking variety of brands. Contact Able Scale on 1300 731 360 today to know more.

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