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Streamlining with auto wrapping, weighing and labelling machines


All businesses want to increase their profitability, and one of the best ways to do that is to ensure that their operation processes are efficient.

Is your company’s weighing, labelling and wrapping process as efficient as you would like it to be?

Are you manually hand wrapping, then weighing, and then producing a label for your products, one by one?

It is time to streamline your production, reduce manual labour and operators, while keeping your costs down all at the same time.



Automation has become a competitive advantage in today’s manufacturing world. Besides reducing production time, it also increases accuracy and repeatability, cuts down the margin for human error, and improves workplace safety.

But technology often comes at a steep price, and that creates a great divide between those who can afford it and those who can’t.

Previously, businesses were limited to either settling for small manual hand wrapping stations, or investing in large expensive automatic machines.

But now, thanks to the innovative Ishida WM-Nano, that gap has been bridged with the only compact and affordable semi auto wrapper on the market.

The Ishida WM-Nano is a high speed weighing, wrapping and labelling machine in a single compact table top unit. It basically combines the features of a high end automatic wrapper in a compact unit with a smaller price tag.

It is a good solution for limited spaces, which means it is ideal for meat packers, wholesale and retail butchers, poultry, seafood, fruit and vegetables sellers as well as grocers.



The Ishida WM-Nano is one of the world’s smallest semi-automatic wrappers, measuring 700mm (W) x 850mm (L) x 700mm (H), and easily fits on a bench top.

Among its many features is its processing speeds of up to 15 packs a minute. It also produces precise, uniform finish on the wrapping each and every time. It has tray sizes up to 25cm x 35cm, and wraps up to 3.5kg packs.

It also has quick change front loading label cassettes, making it extremely convenient and fast during busy working periods.

The WM-Nano comes with a 7-inch colour LCD touch screen with backlighting and an adjustable viewing angle, allowing operators to use it comfortably.

Its Ethernet and wireless communication features make it is easy to link your front and back office systems. Plus, it has a 2MB memory expandable up to 2GB.



If streamlining your production, reducing manual labour and lowering costs seem like a good idea for your business, get in touch with Able Scale today to find out more about the Ishida WM-Nano.

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