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Personal Weighing Scales for Medical Use


Weight monitoring has long been recognised as an integral part in health and fitness management.

For example, athletes are encouraged to check their weight regularly, as there are usually some weight management guidelines to help them achieve an optimal body weight for their sport and health.

Meanwhile, daily weight monitoring can allow heart failure patients to know if their heart condition is worsening, or if they need to change medication to control extra fluid in their bodies.
Children, as well, need to have their weight (and height) monitored, especially for the first six years, to detect nutritional and other health problems that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Even if your weight is within the healthy range, regular monitoring will help you maintain that weight and encourage you to make better choices when it comes to food, lifestyle and exercise.


However, the best results can only be achieved when the weight check is accurate.

Did you know that the typical bathroom scale is only accurate to 100g or even 200g, and has most likely never been weight tested for accuracy?

At Able Scale, we supply medical quality personal weighing scales with precision and accuracy in mind to 50g, which is less than ΒΌ cup of water. This is ideal for those who need to monitor their weight as accurately as possible, such as athletes in training, fitness tests for service personnel, medical and dialysis patients for weight monitoring, and gymnasiums for health assessments.


The Nuweigh Medical Scale with Height Rod (LOG909) is a heavy duty rugged personal weigher with up to 250kg capacity. It has a 200cm retractable height rod, easy-to-use BMI function with graph, and rear mounted wheels for easy mobility. It is great for use in health and medical centres, or even gymnasiums.


The Nuweigh BMI Personal Scale (LOG842) is a high capacity scale with BMI function. It weighs up to 300kg, has a 26mm LCD display, and is compact and portable in design.


The Low Profile Personal Weigher A&D UC321 is a high accuracy personal weighing scale that is ideal for athletes, fitness training, dialysis patients, weight management and medical patient monitoring. It is also great for home use. Its features include BMI calculation, memory storage, and target weight setting.


The Professional Personal Weigher A&D AD-6121A is a personal weigher designed for portability in clinical situations. It weighs less than 3kg, and is ideal for use in clinics or for home visiting with its inbuilt carry handle and compact size.
Able Scale carries a list of other models, including larger ones that are catered for capacities up to 300kg and even 500kg for bariatric patients.
Let us help you select the best medical quality personal weigher according to your needs. Call us on 1300 731 360 to speak to a friendly, experienced representative today.

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